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Welcome to Solar Panels | Shop-Solar

We are a shop located in Spain and with more than 10 years experience in selling solar products such as solar kits, solar panels, battery chargers, controllers, batteries, LED lighting, self-generators, batteries for solar and wind, or DC / DC converters.

Always at the latest in energy efficiency to offer industry news at an affordable price and with the highest quality possible. We want to be your reference in solar energy in Spain.

Shop-Solar is an official distributor of the most recommended and highlighted in solar brands. You may be aware of all our offers first brands like Studer, Effekta, TS, Victron, Sinergex, STS, EED, Deka Batteries, Trojan, EcoSafe (Hawker), Steca, TBS, Morningstar, EPSOLAR, Solara, GM, Prevent, Mastervolt, JT, Koekraf, Power, Delta, Solarworld, RAL, OWL, SMA, Eastech, LDK, Kyocera, Outback. Mitsubishi, Solahart, KD, Jinko, Alex Solar, and Luxor.

It will be a pleasure to advise you find the product that best suits your specific needs. We recall that our catalog we have offers solar kits, solar panels and other products. Make use of our filters to sort your shopping less at a higher price. Use the "Favorites" option to include the products you want to buy your wish list. Tell us about any type of data you need. Our entire range of solar energy in Spain. Free shipping from 150 euros.