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Solar inverter ZCS Azzurro 3000TL-V3
Solar inverter ZCS Azzurro 3000TL-V3

Solar inverter ZCS Azzurro 3000TL-V3

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ZCS Azzurro grid-connected solar inverter with a rated power of 3 kW. This inverter the single-phase LITE series has 1 MPPT, delivering a maximum efficiency of 97.7%. This inverter compact solar allows typically 3300W of panel power to be connected to the DC input with a maximum voltage of 500Vdc. This series of Azzurro inverters includes anti-island, RCMU and ground failure protections. In order to operate comfortably this inverter it also includes a sectioning switch on the direct current part.

Communication with this inverter can be done via WiFi, 4G or Ethernet optionally or with RS-485 as standard. This inverter the ZCS Azzurro solar brand provides a quick installation with a 5-year warranty.


This inverter the main advantages of ZCS Azzurro are:

  • - Allows you to limit energy discharge to the grid (requires the use of Vatmeter and current gauge ZST-ACC-TA - NOT INCLUDED)
  • - Easy to regulate DC input thanks to its wide working voltage range
  • - Touch screen (LCD) which allows easy configuration of the inverter as well as the display of operating parameters
  • - The WiFi connection of the inverter allows remote control of the operation and performance of the solar installation.
  • - Tested efficiency of 97.7%
  • - Assembly of the inverter fast and simple solar with its Plug&Play technology
  • - Grade IP65 which allows it to be installed outdoors
  • - The entire range of Azzurro ZCS inverters can be purchased and monitored remotely via its App and Azzurro portal.

Main technical characteristicsThe following:

  • - Typical DC power: 3300W
  • - Number of MPPTs:1
  • - Maximum input voltage in DC: 550 V
  • - Rated DC input voltage: 360 V
  • - Rated input current per MPPT: 12A
  • - Maximum input current by MPPT:15A
  • - rated power AC: 3000W
  • - Maximum power: 3000V
  • - Maximum current AC: 14.5A
  • - Type of connection to the mains: single phase L/N/PE / 220V, 230V, 240V
  • - Maximum efficiency: 97.7%
  • - IP65
  • - The dimensions: 321 x 260 x 131 mm
Power (kW)
3 - 5.9
Inverter Type
Not hybrid
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