Electrical equipment

What is electrical equipment?

Electrical equipment is a set of elements and components used in the installation, maintenance and use of electrical systems. Sockets and plugs are some of the most common components of electrical equipment used in electrical connections.

Electrical sockets are the elements where the plugs or pins of electrical equipment are inserted. Bases can be installed in walls, ceilings or on the floor. These sockets are connected to the electrical system of the building, which allows the transmission of electrical power through the cables.

On the other hand, the plugs are the elements that are connected to the electrical equipment so that they can receive electrical power from the sockets. The plugs are inserted into the electrical sockets and secured by a fixing mechanism. The plugs may vary in shape and size depending on the type of electrical equipment to which they are connected.

It is important to ensure that the sockets and plugs used are compatible and designed to withstand the voltage and current that will be used. In addition, safety rules should always be followed when handling electrical equipment, such as disconnecting electrical power before handling connections.

More about electrical equipment

Electrical equipment is classified into different categories according to its use, technical characteristics and the standards it must comply with, such as voltage, current, frequency, degree of protection, etc. For example, we can talk about low voltage electrical equipment (up to 1000 V), medium voltage (up to 36 kV), high voltage (up to 230 kV) and very high voltage (over 230 kV).

The use of suitable, high-quality electrical equipment is essential to ensure the safety and efficiency of an electrical installation, as well as to comply with the technical regulations and standards applicable in each case. Therefore, it is important to have professional advice and services from reliable and certified electricians and electrical material suppliers.

Elements of electrical equipment may include:

  • - Electrical cables: These are used to conduct electrical current from one place to another. They may be made of copper, aluminium or other conductive materials.
  • - Switches: are used to open and close electrical circuits. They can be of different types, such as light switches, circuit breakers, differential switches, among others.
  • - Plugs and sockets: used to connect electrical equipment and devices to sockets.
  • - Sockets: used to supply electrical power to plugs and sockets.
  • - Electrical protections: used to protect electrical circuits and the devices connected to them from overloads, short circuits, among others.

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