Solar panel Trina mono PERC 490W
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  • Solar panel Trina mono PERC 490W

Solar panel Trina 490Wp mono PERC

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Trina Solar VERTEX series monocrystalline solar module with PERC technology 490Wp (150 cells) - Tier 1 Trina Solar monocrystalline

Solar panel with 490Wp power output and high efficiency 21.1%. With positive power tolerance 0/+5W allows to reach maximum power of 500Wp. Warranty of 12 years of product and 25 years of production of linear type.

Anti-PID design with split cells at one third (150 in total) smaller than traditional split-cell solar panels allows for high solar performance. Trina Solar solar panels belong to the group of brands selected as Tier-1 being Trina one of the 3 largest manufacturers of solar panels in the world.

Volume discounts

Quantity Unit price You Save
10 €145.53 Up to €14.70
20 €144.80 Up to €44.10
30 €144.06 Up to €88.20

Trina Solar 490W mono PERC solar panels offer many advantages and have advanced technology:

  • - 150 solar cells that offer a superior power to the solar panel. When the solar cells are split in two, the current circulating through them is divided, which reduces the internal losses of the photovoltaic panel.
  • - The smaller split cells (1/3 of the conventional ones) of the solar panel allow the solar panel and the junction box to work at a lower temperature, which further prevents the formation of hot spots and reduces the risk of damage to the solar panel in general.
  • - Less degradation of the solar panel during the first year when it is more sensitive to power loss 
  • - Larger effective solar cell area which allows to capture more radiation and power thanks to the geometry of the 210mm silicon ingot.
  • - Multi-bus bar technology (connectors between cells) that facilitates the capture of photons and reduces the series resistance of the solar panel. 
  • - Solar panels designed for systems up to 1500V open circuit voltage.
  • - Reduction of micro cracks of the solar panel thanks to the new technology Trina of cut of the ingot
  • - Resistant to corrosive and aggressive atmospheres (saline, ammonia, sand and cans, temperature and humidity)
  • - Solar panel with low temperature coefficient (-0.36%/ºC)
  • - Mechanical load of up to 5400Pa in static and 2400Pa in dynamic which favors the resistance of the solar panel

Extensive production guarantee

The Trina Solar VERTEX 490Wp panels are a very good choice for both residential and commercial solar installations whether they are grid connected or off grid. It is a cheap panel with excellent performance. For more information or volume discounts, please consult directly at


Vertex 490W mono perc

Peak power (Wp)


Power tolerance


Vmpp (V)

42,40 V

Ampp (A)

11,56 A

Open circuit voltage (Voc)

51,30 V

Short circuit current (Isc)

12,14 A

Efficiency (%)


# of cells

150 Monocrystalline

Panel dimensions

2176 x 1098 x 35 mm


26,3 kg


Tempered glass 3,2 mm


Anodized Aluminum


IP67 with 3 diodes 


solar cable of 4 mm2, 270 mm


MC-4 or equivalent


Data sheet

Power (W)
450 - 495
Height (cm)
210 - 219.9
Width (cm)
100 - 109.9
Short Circuit Current Isc (A)
12 - 12.99

Specific References


Ficha Técnica

Ficha ténica Trina Solar 490W mono PERC Series VERTEX

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