Astronergy 620W N-Type Topcon Solar Panel
  • Astronergy 620W N-Type Topcon Solar Panel

Astronergy 620W N-Type Topcon Solar Panel

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Astronergy 620W N-Type Topcon Solar Panel

Astronergy's N-Type Topcon technology monocrystalline photovoltaic module with a maximum efficiency of 22.9%. This solar panel has a positive power tolerance of 0/3% which ensures energy production throughout its lifetime. Its n-type topcon (Passive Oxide Tunnel Contact) cell technology combines an oxide layer with the solar cell to reduce recombination losses and increase the efficiency of the cell, i.e. making it more powerful and efficient. In addition, the module has an exceptional temperature coefficient of -0.29%/°C, which improves the performance of the installation in hot climates.

ASTRONERGY solar panels offer a 15-year product, manufacturing and material warranty and a 30-year linear output warranty.

Volume discounts

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10 €126.98 Up to €12.83
20 €126.34 Up to €38.48
30 €125.69 Up to €76.96

The main advantages of this solar panel are:

  • - TOP technology solar panel with split cell technology which improves its performance and efficiency.
  • - Slower power degradation compared to other solar panels with minimal initial degradation in the first year (<1.0%).
  • - Solar panel with better performance in partial shading situations due to its 156 smaller cells.
  • - High resistance to PID (Power Induced Degradation) degradation due to its high quality manufacturing process and material selection.
  • - Lower cost of structural and electrical parts and low cost of energy.
  • - Solar panel capable of withstanding high mechanical static-snow loads up to (5400Pa) and dynamic-wind loads up to (2400Pa).
  • - Maximum module efficiency: 22,9 %.
  • - Power tolerance: 0-3%.
  • - Degradation in the first year: <1%.
  • - Degradation from year 2 to 30: <0.4%.

This solar panel is undoubtedly one of the most efficient on the market for residential and commercial installations with the guarantee of one of the leading manufacturers of solar panels in the world. If you have any doubts or queries, please contact our technical team at

Characteristics in STC (1000 W/m2; T cell of 25ºC):

  • - Nominal voltage VMPP: 46.12V
  • - Nominal current IMPP: 13,44 A
  • - Short-circuit voltage Voc: 55.81 V
  • - Short-circuit current: 14,03 A
  • - Module efficiency: 22.2 % module efficiency: 22.2
  • - Module dimensions: 2465 x 1134 x 30 mm
  • - Weight: 34.7 kg
  • - Number of cells: 156

Data sheet

Power (W)
600 - 650
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
110 - 119.9
Short Circuit Current Isc (A)
14 - 14.99

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Datasheet Astronergy

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