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Solar inverter DEYE Hybrid 8kW standalone
Solar inverter DEYE Hybrid 8kW group
Solar inverter DEYE Hybrid 8kW three phase
Solar inverter DEYE Hybrid 8kW standalone
Solar inverter DEYE Hybrid 8kW group
Solar inverter DEYE Hybrid 8kW three phase

Solar inverter DEYE Hybrid 8kW three phase

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Available in September

Solar powered inverter Deye a three-phase hybrid grid connection that allows the charging of low voltage (48V) solar batteries either via the solar panels or from the grid. The 8kW DEYE Hybrid model, allows output powers up to 8000W AC and connects up to 10400W of photovoltaic panel power just like its monophasic counterpart. The three-phase solar inverter is compatible with the vast majority of 48V battery brands such as Pylontech, Dyness, V-TAC, Deye, and so on. .What. Its 2 MPPTs allow the optimisation of the energy produced by the solar panels. It has protection against overcurrent, overload, ground failure monitoring, DC injection monitoring and RCD and high temperature protection. This inverter it can work both connected to the network and isolated. The product is guaranteed for 10 years.


Solar inverter with 2 MPPT's with input prepared to connect 2 strings, with a nominal input current of 13A per string, with a working voltage per MPPT between 200 and 650V. This efficient inverter, allows easy installation in both residential and industrial areas. In turn, it is compatible with the Chint-DDSU666-H wattmeter in its three-phase version, which allows you to control the power balance between the energy demanded by housing or industry and photovoltaic production, while ensuring that we do not pour to the electricity network if we wish. 

The advantages inverter are as follows:

  • - IP65 protection and integrated liquid crystal display
  • - Supports both network connection and isolated operation
  • - It allows you to connect several batteries in parallel
  • - Allows up to 16 units to be connected in parallel
  • - Allows you to store energy from a diesel generator
  • - Communication via RS485 or CAN
  • - Surge protection built in DC type II / AC type III

Technical specifications

  • - Battery working voltage: 40-60V
  • - Maximum load current: 190A
  • - Maximum solar power (PV): 10400Wp
  • - Tone of voltage by MPPT: 200-650V
  • - Rated DC input current: 13+13 A
  • - Maximum DC input current: 17 + 17 A
  • - Number of strings by MPPT: 1+1
  • - Rated output power in AC and UPS: 8000W
  • - Maximum power output in AC: 8800W
  • - Rated output current at AC:12.1A
  • - Maximum output current in AC: 18.2A
  • - IP65
  • - Weight: 33.6kg
  • - The dimensions: 422 x 699x 279 mm
Power (kW)
6 - 9.9
Phase Type
Max Current Input (A)
13 - 13.99
Compatibility list
Dyness BX51100
Dyness Power Box
Pylontech US2000C / US3000C / US5000
Pylontech US3000C
Pylontech US5000 / Force L2
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