Photovoltaic Panels

What are Solar PV panels?

The photovoltaic panel also called photovoltaic solar module or solar panel is the part of a photovoltaic system that generates electricity from solar energy. They are at the heart of the PV system and composed of solar cells encapsulated in chains behind a solar glass. These cells convert solar radiation into direct current. When the light strikes them, thanks to the photoelectric effect, it directly produces electricity.

More of Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Photovoltaics are very popular nowadays because it has never been so easy and cheap to produce electricity yourself. At TIENDA SOLAR you will find many possibilities to buy photovoltaic solar panels and use the electricity yourself. Even if you are looking for a self-sufficient way to generate electricity with photovoltaics, you will find it with us.

 Do you have a PV system already and the demand for solar power increased? Additional modules mounted on the house, porch or carport can provide the missing power. For this purpose, additional solar panels, which are compatible with the existing system, are attached and optionally integrated into the in-house energy management system.

 With additional solar modules, the own consumption of free solar power can be further increased and energy costs can be sustainably reduced. Because the more solar power is consumed in your own house, the less expensive grid electricity has to be purchased. A positive side effect is the growing independence of the energy supplier.

 The high-quality TIENDA SOLAR panels are characterized by their enormous durability and production reliability. They are particularly robust against weather influences and extremely resilient. Each PV panel is characterized by high yields of the respective premium manufacturers.

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