Socket base box Z 41.S6 (6 Schukos IP54)
  • Socket base box Z 41.S6 (6 Schukos IP54)

Surface mounted socket base box Z 41.S6 (6 Schukos IP54)

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A mounted box with 6 Schuko sockets with cover is a wall-mounted device that contains six Schuko sockets, also known as F-type plugs, and is equipped with a protective cover.

This box provides multiple electrical connection points in a single location, which is convenient for connecting multiple electrical devices or equipment. The Schuko sockets are compatible with the plugs used in Europe and are designed with two current poles and a grounding pole.


The mounted box with 6 Schuko sockets with cover is designed to protect the sockets and electrical cables against moisture, dust and physical damage. The lid can be opened and closed to access the sockets when necessary and is secured by mechanisms such as latches or hinges.

This type of box is commonly used in residential, commercial and industrial environments where a centralised installation of multiple sockets is required. It provides a neat appearance and avoids exposure of electrical wiring, improving the safety and aesthetics of the environment.

When installing a mounted box with 6 Schuko sockets with cover, it is important to follow local electrical rules and regulations and to have the assistance of a qualified professional to ensure a safe and proper installation. Furthermore, it is important to avoid overloading the sockets and to respect the maximum current capacity indicated by the manufacturer.

Technical datasheet:

  • - Assembled box with 6 schuko sockets with lid
  • - Pre-wired sockets
  • - Technopolymer enclosure (halogen-free)
  • - 16A
  • - 250V
  • - IP54
  • - Dimensions 190x140x70mm
  • - According to DIN 49440 standard
COMB 1737

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