Profile 6 sockets + connection
  • Profile 6 sockets + connection

Profile 6 sockets + connection

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The Schuko 6-socket profile is an electrical strip or socket with six Schuko plugs and sockets, also known as F-type sockets. ufes, also known as F-type sockets. This type of profile is used to provide multiple connection points for electrical devices and equipment in a single location.

Each Schuko socket in the 6-socket profile has three holes: two for the power pins and one for the earth contact in the form of a lug. These sockets comply with electrical safety standards and are compatible with the Schuko plugs used in Europe.


The Schuko 6-socket profile is useful in offices, homes, conference rooms or anywhere where multiple electrical devices need to be connected to a single point. It provides convenience and organisation by avoiding the need for multiple individual sockets.

This 6-socket profile has an elongated and flat design, which can be mounted on the wall, on the floor or in other locations as required. This profile is designed to distribute electricity safely and efficiently through the Schuko sockets.

When using a Schuko 6-socket profile, it is important not to overload it and to respect the maximum current capacity indicated by the manufacturer. In addition, local electrical rules and regulations must be followed to ensure a safe installation and to avoid the risk of overheating or short circuits.

Technical datasheet:

  • - Base with luminous bipolar switch
  • - 6 schuko sockets with yellow cover
  • - Connection 2,5 metres of hose H07 RN-F3G1,5mm2
  • - Degree of protection IP44
  • - Made of thermoplastic material
  • - Dimensions 420x40x60

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