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Semi-industrial socket, black
  • Semi-industrial socket, black

Semi-industrial socket, black

Also available in red and blue colour

Minimum purchase of 2 units

The semi-industrial Schuko socket is a type of socket used in industrial and commercial environments for the connection of electrical equipment and devices. Like the semi-industrial Schuko plug, this socket follows the Schuko standard, which is characterised by two current poles and a ground pole.

The semi-industrial Schuko socket is installed in walls, panels or junction boxes and allows the safe connection of matching Schuko sockets. These sockets are designed to withstand heavier loads and more demanding environments compared to standard sockets used in households.

21% IVA incluido

The configuration of the semi-industrial Schuko socket consists of three holes: two holes for the power pins and a larger hole for the ground contact in the form of a lug. The power pins and the earthing contact ensure a safe and reliable connection and comply with electrical safety standards.

It is important to note that the installation of a Schuko semi-industrial socket must be carried out by trained personnel and in accordance with local electrical rules and regulations. This guarantees a proper and safe installation, avoiding electrical hazards and ensuring reliable operation of the connected equipment.

Technical datasheet:






2P + PE

Storage temperature

-40ºC a +80ºC

Operating temperature

-30ºC a +40ºC

Relative humidity

5 a 95%, no condensation

Level of protection


Contact body material


Housing material



Specific References



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