Hybrid inverter GoodWe GW6000-ES-20
Hybrid inverter GoodWe GW6000-ES-20

Hybrid inverter GoodWe GW6000-ES-20

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A single-phase hybrid inverter GoodWe THIS IS GW6000-ES-20. It has a maximum output of 6000 VA in AC and has a backup function.

Guarantee extended free of charge to 10 years for installers GoodWe Plus and plus. The inverter the ES G2 hybrid provides optimized energy flexibility and meets the needs of combined PV roof and energy storage systems. By enabling maximum back-up of the generated solar energy, a high degree of autonomy can be achieved.

The ES G2 is an excellent choice for residential applications thanks to its modern design and ability to integrate with Smart Home systems. A variety of batteries, such as batteries GoodWe Lynx Home U or 48V lithium batteries of Pylontech, are compatible with the ES G2 series.


The inverter single-phase Goodwe GW6000-ES-20 has an integrated power supply and is compatible with a variety of low-voltage batteries from top manufacturers, such as batteries Pylontech US2000C, US3000C and US5000 as well as the battery itself GoodWe Lynx Home U

The new Goodwe ES Series G2 inverter line meets the highest safety standards. The inverter Goodwe ES G2 protects the DC side from lightning and thunderstorms and saves money with built-in Type II DC SPD protection. Additionally, it has AFCI (optional), which provides superior DC protection

Some of its functions are:

  • - Load control and generator
  • - Possibility of simultaneous management
  • - High backup power with equivalent switching time of 10 ms for UPS.
  • - Integration into smart home systems


Goodwe GW6000-ES-20

Type of battery

Lithium ion

Nominal battery voltage (V) 48
Battery voltage range (V) 40~60
Max. Input voltage (V) 600
Operating MPPT voltage range (V) 60 ~ 550
Starting voltage (V) 58
Rated input voltage (V) 360
Max. input current per MPPT (A) 16
Max. Short circuit by MPPT (A) 23
Number of followers (MPPT) 2
Number of PV series per MPPT 1
Operating temperature (°C) -25 ~ +60
RH 0 ~ 95%
Maximum operating altitude (m) 3000 (> 2000 Power regulation)
Cooling method Natural convection
User interface LED, WLAN + APP
Communication with BMS DOG
Communication with Meter RS485
Communication with Portal WIFI / WIFI + LAN / 4G
Weight (kg) 21.5
Measurements (width × height × depth mm) For the purposes of this Annex:
Topology Not isolated
Use at night (W) < 10
Degree of protection IP65
Method of mounting Wall mount
Rated apparent power (VA) 6000
Maximum apparent power to grid (VA) 6000
Max. apparent power from the network (VA) 10000
Rated output voltage (V) 220 / 230 / 240
Rated network frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Maximum current output to grid (A) 27.3
Max. current from the network (A) 43.5
Power factor ~1 (adjustable, from capacitive 0.8 to inductive 0.8)
Maximum total harmonic distortion < 3%
Rated apparent power reserve (VA) output 6000
Maximum apparent power output (VA) output 6000 (10000@10Sec)
Maximum output current (A) 27.3
Rated output voltage (V) 220 / 230 / 240
Rated output frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
THDv output (linearly loaded) < 3%
Maximum efficiency 97.6%
Max. battery efficiency to grid 95.5%

MPPT efficiency



Power (kW)
6 - 9.9
Inverter Type
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