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Pallet (31 units) - Solar panel  Jinergy Mono PERC 660Wp
  • Solar panel  Jinergy Mono PERC 660Wp
  • Pallet (31 units) - Solar panel  Jinergy Mono PERC 660Wp
  • Pallet (31 units) - Solar panel  Jinergy Mono PERC 660Wp

Pallet (31 units) - Solar panel Jinergy Mono PERC 660Wp

Jinergy Monocrystalline solar panel of 660 Wp (132 split cells)

Monocrystalline photovoltaic module of PERC (Passive Enitter Rear Cell) technology of the Jinergy brand of 660Wp of high efficiency (up to 21.25%). This solar panel has a positive power tolerance of 0/+5W that ensures excellent energy production throughout its useful life. Panel of high power and density of solar generation, ideal for grid connection or isolated installations with limited space. Ideal solar panel for 1500V installations in open circuit.

Jinergy solar panels offer a 12-year product warranty and 25 years of production with a 4.1% increase warranty compared to conventional solar panels.

31 units pallet.

The main advantages of this solar panel are

  • - Solar panel with passivated solar cells back emitter or also called PERC which provides high efficiency (21.25%) compared to conventional solar cells.
  • - Slower power degradation compared to other solar panels thanks to its Low LID (Light induced Degradation) technology. Panel with an initial degradation in the first year of less than 3% and 0.6% in the following years of life.
  • - Solar panel with better performance before situations of partial shading due to its 132 cells of smaller size (split),  which also helps in reducing losses as well as increasing the reliability of the panel.
  • - Jinergy solar panels offer better performance and production thanks to their MBB (Multi Bus Bar) technology that generates electron recombination.
  • - High resistance to PID (Power Induced Degradation) degradation due to its high quality manufacturing process and selection of materials.
  • - Reduced formation of micro-cracks in the cells of this Longi photovoltaic panel as they are smaller which favours the production of solar energy throughout its life.
  • - Less power loss of the solar panel due to the low operating current of the Jinergy split cells.
  • - Solar panel capable of withstanding high static-snow mechanical loads of up to (5400Pa) and dynamic-wind loads of 2400Pa. Certified in fireproofing systems.

Features: STC (1000 W/m2; T cell of 25ºC):



Peak power (Wp)


Max power tolerance


Voltage at maximum power Vmpp (V)

37,85 V

Maximum power current Ampp (A)

17,44 A

Open circuit voltage (Voc)

45,65 V

Short circuit current (Isc)

18,52 A

Module efficiency (%)


# of cells

132 Monocrystalline

Module dimensions

2384x1303x35 mm


32,5 kg


12 years


Anodized aluminum silver color


IP68 with 3 bypass diodes


PV cable 4 mm2 


MC4 or equivalent


Data sheet

Power (W)
650 - 695
Height (cm)
230 - 239.9
Width (cm)
130 - 139.9
Short Circuit Current Isc (A)
18 - 18.99

Specific References



Jinergy Certificate

Download (364.73KB)


Garantia Jinergy

Download (602.55KB)


Jinergy 655-675 Datasheet

Download (298.82KB)

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