REC Alpha Pure-R 410W Half-Cut Full Black
  • REC Alpha Pure-R 410W Half-Cut Full Black

Solar panel REC Alpha Pure-R 410W Half-Cut Full Black

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New REC ALPHA Solar Panels of great Efficiency and Durability. Unrivaled warranty.

REC Alpha is REC's latest family of solar panels, allowing you to get the most out of solar energy.

With 380 Wp of power from 60 cells, reaching 450 Wp in a 72-cell format, and an impressive 217 W/m², REC Alpha provides 20% more power than conventional panels, making it the panel of choice for system owners looking for the best.

Volume discounts

Quantity Unit price You Save
10 €295.49 Up to €29.85
20 €294.00 Up to €89.54
30 €292.51 Up to €179.09

The main advantages of this solar panel are:

  • -No LID = no power loss; you get the power you pay for.
  • -Main temperature coefficient means more energy as the temperature rises
  • -Maximum power for maximum savings and accelerated return on investment -Maximum power for maximum savings and accelerated payback
  • -High power density (217 watts/sqm) helps you get more from limited space
  • -20% more power to the roof compared to conventional panels
  • -Increased number of wires greatly improves the flow of electrical current.
  • -Elimination of invasive soldering eliminates the risk of cell damage or micro-cracking for long-lasting high performance.
  • -Sleek appearance thanks to thin, barely visible wires and uniform black cells.
  • The all-black variant is a design masterpiece and the most elegant feature for your home.
  • Solder-free cells reduce the lead content by a colossal 81%.
  • -Environmentally friendly manufacturing drastically reduces the carbon footprint.

Heterojunction cellular technology (HJT):


REC410AA Pure-R

Peak power (Wp)


Max power tolerance


Voltage at maximum power Vmpp (V)

49,4 V

Maximum power current Ampp (A)

8.30 A

Open circuit voltage (Voc)

59,2 V

Short circuit current (Isc)

8.81 A

Module efficiency (%)


# of cells

80 half - cut REC

Module dimensions

1730x1118x05 mm


21,5 kg


25 years


Anodized aluminum  black


IEC 62790 - IP68 with 4 bypass diodes


PV cable 4 mm2 


MC4PV/KST4 IEC 62852 IP68

(REC410AA Pure-R)[B]

Data sheet

Power (W)
450 - 495
Height (cm)
200 - 209.9
Width (cm)
100 - 109.9
Short Circuit Current Isc (A)
10 - 10.99

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