Panel solar SunPower MAXEON 6 425W Black Frame
  • Panel solar SunPower MAXEON 6 425W Black Frame

Panel solar SunPower MAXEON 6 425W Black Frame

Monocrystalline photovoltaic module with Maxeon 6 cell technology with 425W of power and 22% efficiency. This panel incorporates state-of-the-art technology from SunPower's MAXEON series, with sustainably manufactured cells, high durability and resistance against external agents.

It is a reliable, efficient and durable solution that is well suited to today's residential needs. It is the solar panel with the best price/energy output ratio on the market. In addition, its unique 40-year energy, product and service warranty makes it a very reliable long-term module for a photovoltaic installation.

SunPower solar panels belong to the group of brands classified as Tier 1, the world's best manufacturers in the solar sector.

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The MAXEON 425Wp Black Frame solar panels from SunPower offer many advantages and feature long-lasting technology:

  • - Pioneering MAXEON series technology with high efficiency and reliability.
  • - Compatibility with the world's best inverter brands, Tier 1.
  • - Operability in a wide range of weather conditions, up to 2000 metres above sea level, between 4% and 100% humidity and between -40ºC and +60ºC ambient temperature.
  • - Maximum mechanical load of up to 5400Pa in static (snow) and 3600Pa in dynamic (wind), which favours the resistance of the solar panel.
  • - Low power-temperature coefficients, -0.29%/ºC, allowing better performance at high temperatures.
  • - Estimated useful life of 35 years.
  • - International certification in relation to environmental impact and quality of product, material and operation.




AC Electrical Data


Peak Output Power

366 VA

Max. Continuous Output Power

349 VA

Nom. (L–N) Voltage/Range

219 – 264 V

Max. Continuous Output Current

1.52 A

Max. Units per 20 A (L–N) Branch Circuit


Weighted Efficiency


Nom. Frequency

50 Hz

Extended Frequency Range

45-55 Hz

AC Short Circuit Fault Current Over 3 Cycles

5.8 A rms

Overvoltage Class AC Port c


AC Port Backfeed Current

18 mA

Power Factor Setting


Power Factor (adjustable)

0.8 lead. / 0.8 lag.

DC Power Data


Nom. Power (Pnom)

425 W

Power Tol.


Module Efficiency


Temp. Coef. (Power)


Shade Tol.

Integrated module-level max. power point tracking

Mechanical Data


Solar Cells

66 Maxeon 6 Cells

Tempered Glass

High-transmission tempered anti-reflective

Environmental Rating

Microinverter Outdoor rated - IP67 (UL: NEMA type 6)


Class 1 black anodized


21.8 kg

Tested Operating Conditions


Operating Temp.

−40°C to +60°C

Max. Ambient Temp.


Relative Humidity

4% to 100% (Condensing)

Max. Altitude

2000 m

Design Load

Wind: 3600 Pa, 367 kg/m² back Snow: 5400 Pa, 551 kg/m² front

Impact Resistance

25 mm diameter hail at 23 m/s

Microinverter enclosure

Class II double-insulated, corrosion resistant polymeric enclosure

Warranties, Certifications (Pending) and Compliance


Dimensions (HxWxD)

 187,2x103,2x4 cm


Panel Warranties

• 40-year limited power warranty

• 40-year limited product warranty

Microinverter Warranty

• 25-year limited product warranty covered by Enphase warranty

Certifications and Compliance

• IEC 61215, 617306

• IEC 62109-1, 62109-2

• IEC 61000-6-3

• AS4777.2, RCM

• IEC/ EN 50549-1:2019, G98/G99

• VDE-AR-N-4105

Quality Management Certs

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015

Green Building Certification contribution

Panels can contribute additional points towards LEED and BREEAM certifications

EHS Compliance

RoHS, OHSAS 18001:2007, REACH SVHC-201


Data sheet

Power (W)
400 - 445
Height (cm)
180 - 189.9
Width (cm)
100 - 109.9
Short Circuit Current Isc (A)
11 - 11.99

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