Solar Inverter Equinox EQX2 10002-SX

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The reasons SALICRU distinguishes out in the renewable energy industry are excellence in components, unmatched thermal performance, one of the highest yields on the market, great quality finishes, enhanced connection, and technical support over the entire national territory.

Elegant design, clearly defined shapes, and neutral colors—all of which adhere to the high standards set by SALICRU—give our products a proper visual statement of their level of quality and unique identities.


Regarding connectivity, it's important to point out the EQUINOX APP and its integrally developed WEB version, which provide comprehensive information on the energy produced, consumed, and discharged to the grid and adapt to any need based on the inverter model and options selected in each situation.

One of EQUINOX2's key characteristics is that its thermal behavior received a lot of attention during the design phase (keep in mind that the greater the working temperature, the better the working conditions for the components, performance, and, most importantly, the preservation of their life expectancy).

When compared to rival goods, the EQUINOX2 series' low start-up voltage stands out because it leads to a maximum use of solar radiation and a significant increase in the number of production hours.

This rise is significantly more significant in the winter because there are fewer hours during which solar energy is available and more hours during which there is poor solar radiation available.


Through our EQUINOX APP, which is available for iOS and Android, as well as the WEB portal created by our Connected Software group, EQUINOX2 offers the option to monitor all operating parameters around-the-clock.



Equinox EQX2 10002-SX

Maximum DC input power (W)



Maximum DC input voltage (Vdc)



Operating range (Vdc)

80 ÷ 550

MPPT inputs


Max. short-circuit current per MPPT (Isc PV)

20 A/40 A

Starting voltage (Vdc)


Nº MPP Trackers


Maximum current per tracker (A)



Data sheet

Power (kW)
10 - 14.9
Phase Type
Single phase
Max Current Input (A)

Specific References

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