Three-phase Hybrid Solar Inverter Solax X3 12.0D-G4

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Solar inverter hybrid and triphasic made by SolaxPower and it has 12000 W. Being three-phase and it is capable to install multiple inverters in parallel.

The inverter is equipped with EPS or (Emergency power supply), that allows multiple communication options, which can be controlled remotely. This inverter has an overall efficiency of 97%. It also has MPPT of a range between 180 and 950 volts, where it is 99.9% efficiency.

Up to 10 X3-Hybrid inverters may be connected in parallel in on-grid mode and up to 5 in off-grid mode. Each inverter may be connected to 4 Triple Power batteries. 

The innovative X-Hybrid is an energy managing system that stores the excess of energy in batteries. 


Solax Power's X3-Hybrid solar inverters are high voltage inverters. This series is distinguished by being three-phase and hybrid, allowing for a simple, safe and efficient energy management system.

The X3-Hybrid series systems are highly efficient and can be remotely monitored thanks to the wifi device. These inverters can be parallelised to produce up to 100 kW and up to 250 kWh if connected together with Solax Triple Power batteries.

With this inverter you can ensure that you never run out of power, even in the event of a power outage. This inverter has an emergency power supply, allowing the system to run on batteries in this case.


X3 Hybrid 12.0D G4

Input (DC)

18 kW



not MPPT




Compatible batteries

It's called the Solax Power Triple Power


503x503x199 mm


30 kg

Product warranty

5 years


Data sheet

Power (kW)
10 - 14.9
Phase Type
Max Current Input (A)
Compatibility list
Solax Triple Power T30 / T58

Specific References



Solax Warranty

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Solax X3 hybrid Datasheet

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