Electric charger FRONIUS Wattpilot GO 22J 2.0
  • Electric charger FRONIUS Wattpilot GO 22J 2.0

Electric charger FRONIUS Wattpilot GO 22J 2.0

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Whether at home or on the go, with or without a photovoltaic system, powering your electric car with renewable energy will always give you the best value. The Fronius Wattpilot is providing this in more and more countries with variable energy tariffs. The intelligent charging solution charges your electric car with surplus energy (if available) from your own photovoltaic system and the cheapest grid current. And it does all this automatically, sustainably, anywhere. It's about e-mobility that drives us all forward. Fronius Wattpilot. Designed to move.


FRONIUS Wattpilot GO 22 J electric chargers offer the following features:

  • - Compatible with all common electric vehicles.
  • - Integration in new and existing photovoltaic systems.
  • - Charging up to 22 kW.



Wattpilot GO 11J

Maximum charging power


Grid configurations TT / TN / IT
Grid connection 5-pin cable 180 cm incl. neutral conductor
Nominal voltage 3-phase - 400/415
Nominal current (configurable) 6–32 1-phase or 3-phase
Mains frequency 50
Charging socket Infrastructure-side Type 2 socket with mechanical locking
Residual current protection device Residual current protection device
Cable cross-section, supply line min. 6

(4,240,400 | 41-114762) [B]

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