Lithium battery Dyness 5,12kWh - 48V - DL5.0C
Lithium battery Dyness 5,12kWh - 48V - DL5.0C

Lithium battery Dyness 5,12kWh - 48V - DL5.0C

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The low voltage (48V) lithium solar battery Dyness DL5.0C with a storage capacity of 5,12 kWh. Solar battery based on LiFePO4 ions (lithium and iron phosphate). With very high performance, high safety and long life (more than 6000 cycles), it has a very compact design, high usable power output and modular design. Each DL5.0C solar battery module has an independent BMS to control battery charging/discharging with the inverter.

Lithium solar battery 48V compatible with most solar inverters (Goodwe ES/EM, SMA, Victron Energy, Solis, SAJ, Voltronic power, Luxpower, Sofar The solar, Growatt, GMDE) hybrids or isolate which has a 10-year warranty. Includes cables to connect to another battery and also to connect the inverter.


The solar lithium battery Dyness DL5.0C has the following advantages:

  • Compact size and light weight allowing the battery to be installed in multiple locations.
  • The Dyness DL5.0C up to 50 modules can be connected in parallel (up to 256 kWh capacity)
  • Battery monitoring by App
  • The data shall be transmitted to the manufacturer
  • More than 6000 discharge cycles up to 90% DOD or
  • High output power to feed a large amount of loads in a short time.
  • Grade of protection IP20
  • The battery complies with the EU ROHS Directive
  • Natural convection cooling without additional fans
  • Guarantee of 10 years
  • Maximum discharge current of 110A (15s)
  • Working voltage 42-54V (48V) which allows working with the vast majority of inverters without needing to work with High Voltage systems
  • Very compact solar battery 558 x 545 x 150mm
  • Battery not compatible Dyness BX5110

Product specification:

Battery capacity

5120 Wh

Rated working voltage

48 V

Maximum load/discharge current

75 A

Number of cycles at 90% (DoD)

> 6000



Battery Voltage (V)
Battery Energy (kWh)
5 - 6
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