Lithium battery Dyness 2,4 kWh 48V - B4850
  • Lithium battery Dyness 2,4 kWh 48V - B4850
  • Lithium battery Dyness 2,4 kWh 48V - B4850 front

Lithium battery Dyness 2,4 kWh 48V - B4850

Dyness B4850 low voltage lithium battery with storage capacity of 2.4 kWh is designed with LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery chemistry, with performance, safety and long life (6000 discharge cycles), it has compact design, high usable power output with modular design. Each B4850 solar battery module has independent BMS to control battery charging and discharging. 

48V lithium solar battery compatible with most inverters (Goodwe, SMA, Victron Energy, Solis, Imeon energy, Voltronic power, Luxpower, Sofar solar, Growatt, GMDE) 48V hybrid or off-grid with 10 years warranty and CE certificate.

The Dyness B4850 lithium solar battery has a multitude of advantages:

  • - Compact size and light weight allowing the battery to be installed in a multitude of locations.
  • - CAN/ RS485 solar battery communication.
  • - 6000 discharge cycles up to 90% DOD (Depth of Discharge).
  • - High power output to power large number of loads in reduced time. 
  • - Modular design and easily expandable system as needed.
  • - Compact and safe solar battery with CE certificate and TUV validation.
  • - Natural convection cooling without the need for additional fans
  • - 10-year warranty
  • - Working voltage 42-54V (48V) which allows working with the vast majority of inverters without the need to work with High Voltage systems
  • - Very compact solar battery 480 x 360 x 90 mm

Technical Data:

Batery Capacity

2400 Wh

Rated current (charge/discharge)

50 Ah

Rated voltage


Numbe of cycles at 90% (DoD)



22 kg


Data sheet

Battery Voltage (V)
Battery Energy (kWh)
2 - 3

Specific References


Ficha Tecnica B4850 Dyness

Datasheet Dyness B4850

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Dyness Compatible List Manual

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