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Solar inverter charger Axpert King 5000-48V With integrated Wifi

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Inverter solar charger for off-grid installations of 5000W at 48V single-phase to be able to connect solar battery banks of the corresponding voltage (48V).

The Axpert King 5K has a single MPPT (maximum power point tracking) and provides an efficiency of 93.0%. The maximum input current of the solar controller is 80A. The Axpert King 5000W-48V integrates the MPPT charge controller with removable display and the possibility to connect 9 solar inverters in parallel. Automatic generator set start-up. DC voltage from 60 to 115Vdc and up to 4000W solar panel input.

This Axpert King 5kW (kVA) solar inverter charger offers a 2-year product warranty and CE certification .


Like the rest of the family, the Axpert King 5000W-48V solar inverter stands out not only for its price but also for the following features:

  • - Highly efficient pure sine wave inverter
  • - MPPT charge controller integrated in the solar inverter
  • - Wide selection range of input voltage of the solar inverter (110-280V)
  • - Wide range of solar inverter input current selection for battery charging up to 140A
  • - AC/Solar input configurable via LCD display
  • - In this case the Axpert King  5000-48V does have an auto-start for a diesel generator or a hybrid system
  • - Overvoltage and short-circuit protections integrated in the solar inverter
  • - Option to attach remote control of the charger inverter

The Axpert inverter-charger King 5000W-48V is a very economical option for demanding customers who want to have a reliable quality product with no problems in the operation of their installation.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

Technical data below


Axpert King 5000W-48V

Nominal Power


Input Voltage


Grid frequency


AC output voltage

230VAc +/- 5%

Maximum peak power (transient)


Peak efficiency


Wave form

Pure sine

Batteries voltage


Charging floating voltage


Overcharge protection


Maximum PV array power


MPPT voltage range

60VDC – 115VDC

Maximum string open voltage


Maximum solar charging current


Maximum AC charging current



Data sheet

Power (kW)
3 - 5.9
Phase Type
Single phase
Max Current Input (A)
Compatibility list
Pylontech US2000C / US3000C / US5000
Compatibility list
Dyness BX51100
Compatibility list
Turbo Energy (Slim)
Compatibility list
Dyness Power Box
Compatibility list
Pylontech US5000 / Force L2
Compatibility list
Pylontech US3000C
Compatibility list
Pylontech Force L2
Inverter Type

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Ficha Tecnica Axpert king 3-5K

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