Solar kit for caravans
  • Solar kit for caravans

Solar kit for caravans

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Solar kit for off-grid 12V lighting installations

12V single-phase solar self-consumption kit consisting of a 12V solar panel, a solar regulator, supports and interconnection elements such as solar connectors and solar cable. This kit is ideal to be installed in caravans due to its simplicity and the little space it occupies. This kit allows you to obtain up to 1000W / day so it is ideal for lighting or charging electronic devices. Solar system easy to assemble and modular to quickly generate lighting.

The set of components will provide reliability and good performance throughout its useful life while providing the expected investment returns.


Is this the solar kit I need?

If you want to know if this the solar kit that suits you best, how much it will generate on your rooftop, how much it will save from your electricity bill and its return on investment find out in our solar calculator

Can I install a Solar Kit or solar panels in my home or small business?

Since very recently in Spain you can install solar panels without having to pay any tax for it and there is already the possibility of compensating for any surplus. This means that I can connect a solar kit to the grid in my property, consume for my use the energy that the panels produce and pour into the grid any surplus that I do not use. In Spain, from the end of 2019, your electricity supplier will be obliged to compensate you for the surplus that you will be able to feed into the grid by paying you for each kWh that you feed into the grid. Your energy bill (the variable part of your bill) may be set at zero, but the supplier will not pay you for any surplus that is greater than your consumption. That is why it is increasingly important to evaluate the need and economic viability of installing batteries next to the solar kit. 0 injection solar kits are no longer the only possibility for your home or business as Spanish regulations allow for the connection of solar kits to the grid and the payment of surpluses. If you want to know more about the surplus compensation enter our blog here!!

If you need technical help or installation services, please contact us. We will help you!

Solar Kit Components


Solar Panel of 190Wp polycrystalline to 12V provides good performance in direct radiation conditions suitable for solar installations whether in isolated homes, boats and caravans or small electrical devices. Its polycrystalline cells also help to improve performance in diffused light conditions and high temperatures allowing a high degree of energy generation throughout the year, particularly in southern Europe. Each of the modules can be easily connected to the next solar panel of the series (string) or to the cable back to the inverter (homerun) through its MC4 connectors or equivalent. Optimal balance of cost and performance for small generators that will enjoy good performance and guarantees throughout the useful life of their solar installation. For more technical information, refer to the panel data sheet (if applicable).

PWM solar controller that allows the solar panel to be connected to a single 12 V battery (if applicable). This solar controller has a USB output, making it ideal for charging electronic devices.

Coplanar mounting structure on ABS fiber roof provides the necessary attachment of solar panels to the roof. The connection of the panels to the structure is easy and simple providing significant savings in the time of solar installation on the roof. The coplanar mounting system provides better support against wind force by reducing the direct surface exposed to wind. Additionally, this structure benefits from the inclination of the roof to increase the capture of solar energy and improve the overall performance of the solar installation.

Specific solar electric cable for 6mm2 solar installations with double insulation to be able to make the different serial or parallel connections between the solar panels and subsequently connect to the inverter's DC input. The same cable can be used if necessary to connect the panels to the charge controller (for off-grid systems). The 4mm2 cable section allows the current to be transmitted efficiently without excessive voltage drops, managing the system voltage while ensuring the correct operation of the solar installation in high temperature ranges (derating).

Technical data:

Total power

190 W

Number of panels in the solar kit


Panel power

190 W

Panel type


Structure type

ABS fiber

Solar regulator type


Solar cable

5 metres of red and black cables

Solar cable dimensions

6 mm2


-Panel: 10 years

-Solar cable: 1 year

-Structure:5 years

The kit contains

- 1x solar panel 12 V

- 1x solar regulator

- 5x m red solar cable 6mm

- 5x m black solar cable 6mm

- 1x fiber ABS panel structure

- 1x MC4 pairing

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