Solar inverter SMA Sunny Island 8.0H
  • Solar inverter SMA Sunny Island 8.0H

Solar inverter SMA Sunny Island 8.0H

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Single-phase solar inverter for isolated installation, with solar batteries, SMA of 8000W AC, with 95.8% efficiency and maximum input current in AC of 50A

The 6.0H model integrates assigned voltages in ranges from 172.5 V to 264.5 V, being able to work with a maximum alternating current to optimize the self-consumption, in network operation, up to 50 A, with a maximum power of 6kVA

As a backup system, it can work at 5430W in AC with a rated current of 50A and at 6,000W for 30 minutes.It incorporates a solar battery connection with 48 V configuration and manages battery charges at 140A and discharges at 130A

It Allows for the interconnection of lithium-ion batteries such as solar lead-acid batteries.The Sunny Island offers a 2 year product warranty and is CE certified


The Sunny Island inverters allow a multitude of combinations to adapt to specific needs, requiring very low self-consumption of operation with IP54 protection



Sunny Island 8.0H

Operation on the utility grid or generator


Rated grid voltage / AC voltage range

230 V/De 172,5 V a 264,5 V

Rated grid frequency / permitted frequency range

50 Hz/40 Hz a 70 Hz

Max AC current for increased self-consumption (grid operation)

50 A

Max AC power for increased self-consumption (grid operation)

6 kVA

Max AC input current

50 A

Max AC input power

11.500 W

Funcionamiento en red aislada o como sistema de respaldo


Rated grid voltage / AC voltage range

230 V/De 202 V a 253 V

Rated frequency / frequency range (adjustable)

50 Hz/45 Hz a 65 Hz

Rated power (at Unom, fnom / 25ºC / cos fi = 1)

6000 W

AC power at 25ºC for 30 min / 5 min/3 sec

8000 W/9100 W/1100 W

AC power at 45ºC continuously

 5430 W

Rated current / maximum output current (peak)

26 A/120 A

Total harmonic distortion output voltage / power factor at rated power

< 1,5 %/−1 a +1

Battery DC input


Rated input voltage / DC voltage range

48 V/De 41 V a 63 V

Maximum battery charging current / rated DC charging current / DC discharging current

140 A1150 A/130 A

Battery type / battery capacity (range)

Iones litio1), FLA, VRLA/

De 100 Ah a 10000 Ah (plomo)

De 50 Ah a 10000 Ah (iones litio)

Charge control

Procedimiento de carga IUoU con carga completa y de compensación automáticas

Efficiency / self-consumption of the device


Maximum efficiency

95,8 %

No-load consumption / standby

25,8 W/6,5 W

Protective devices (equipment)


AC short-circuit / AC overload

● / ●

DC reverse polarity protection / DC fuse

− / −

Overtemperature / battery Deep discharge

● / ●

Overvoltage category as per IEC 60644-1


Datos Generales


Dimensions (W / H / D)

467 mm/612 mm/242 mm (18,4 inch/21,1 inch/9,5 inch)


63 kg (138,9 lb)

Operating temperatura range

De −25 °C a +60 °C (de −13 °F a +140 °F)

Protection class in accordance with IEC 62103


Climatic category as per IEC 60721


Degree of protection according to IEC 60529





WLAN, Speedwire / Webconnect / SI-SYSCAN (Multicluster)

● / ● / −

Micro SD memory card for extended data logging

Display via smartphone, tablet, laptop / multifunction relay

● / 2

Three-phase systems (including rotating magnetic feld) / battery-backup function

● / ●

State of charge calculation / full charge / equalization charge

● / ● / ●

Battery temperatura sensor / data cables

○ / ●

Certificates and approvals

Cover color yellow / aluminium white

○ / ○

Warranty 5/10 years

● / ●

For off-grid applications


Automatic rotating magnetic field detection / generator support

● / ●

Parallel connection / multicluster

− / −

Integrated soft start



For off-grid applications


Battery fuse

Sunny Island Charger SIC50-MPT / SMA Cluster Controller

○ / ○

For on-grid applications


Sunny Home Manager / SMA Energy Meter / automatic transfer switch for battery backup

○ / ○ / ○

Type designation


● Standard feature ○ Optional feature — Not available

1) see “List of Approved Batteries” at

2) Procurement via external supplier

3) with registration via the information sheet provided

All specifcations, last updated: July 2017







Data sheet

Power (kW)
6 - 9.9
Phase Type
Single phase
Max Current Input (A)
Compatibility list
Pylontech US2000C / US3000C / US5000
Compatibility list
Compatibility list
Dyness BX51100
Compatibility list
Dyness Power Box
Compatibility list
Pylontech US5000 / Force L2
Compatibility list
Pylontech US3000C

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