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Solar Inverter Fronius Primo 6,0-1 6Kw-Light

Grid-tied solar inverter Fronius Primo of 6000W monophase.

Inverter single phase Fronius Primo of 6000W with 2 MPPT with efficiency of 98%. Suitable for residential network connection installations of nominal 710V input. The Fronius Primo line stands out for its variety of configurations, wide MPPT voltage range and its light and compact structure. Designed for a long life with protection against short circuits, overloads and high temperatures, they will provide trouble-free operation in your solar installation for many years. Product for solar installations with excellent price and quality. Warranty of 7 years of product and CE certificate.

21% IVA incluido

The Fronius solar inverter of the Primo series is a transformerless grid-connected inverter that allows the synchronization of the solar installation with the electrical grid.

All models of the Fronius Primo series incorporate two and have IP65 degree of protection. The Primo Lite/Light solar inverter models do not incorporate WLAN communications for remote management and monitoring. The Primo series solar inverters have a standard interface to the internet via a Wlan or Ethernet cable for easy integration. Fronius Primo inverters include datamanager and free connection to the solarweb portal.

Fronius solar inverters have a zero grid feed-in system that allows us to reduce the inverter power to prevent energy from being fed into the grid in the event that the solar installation produces more electricity than it is consuming.

The main advantages of the Fronius Primo series are:

  • - SnapInverter technology: The primo solar inverter is snapped onto the fixed wall bracket. In case of service it is not necessary to remove the entire inverter, but only the power stage to access the inside of the device. All wiring remains in place for quick and easy manipulation of the inverter wiring.
  • - Integrated Data Communication: The Primo inverter can be connected to the internet via WLAN, ethernet without the need for additional modules. It can be connected via Modbus TCP SunSpec, Modbus RTU SunSpec or Fronius Solar API (JSON).
  • - Smart Grid Ready: The Fronius solar inverter of the Primo series is prepared to connect to smart grids so that they can remotely control the active and reactive energy injected into the grid.

General inverter features:


PRIMO 6,0-1

Maximum input power (W)

6000 W

Nominal input voltage (V)

710 V

Starting voltage (V)


80 V

Maximum input voltage (V)

1000 V

Maximum input current (A)

18 A / 18 A

Input short circuit current (A)


27 A / 27 A

Output power (W)


6000  W

Nominal output voltage (V)


220 V / 230 V

Output frequency (Hz)


50/60 Hz

Operating temperature range (ºC)


-40 °C a +55 °C

Nominal output current (A)

26,1 A




Package Weight (kg)


21,5 kg


Data sheet

Power (kW)
6 - 9.9
Phase Type
Single phase
Max Current Input (A)
18 - 18.99

Specific References



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