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Inverter Solar Fox ESS Series H1 Hydrid 3.7KW Single Phase
  • Inverter Solar Fox ESS Series H1 Hydrid 3.7KW Single Phase

Inverter Solar Fox ESS Series H1 Hydrid 4.6KW Single Phase

The FoxESS H1 series single-phase hybrid inverter is a 4600W output power inverter powered by a rechargeable solar battery. It is an inverter suitable for solar power systems up to 9.6 kWp. Its maximum efficiency is 97.8% and the European efficiency is 97.0%, which takes into account typical European weather conditions. This solar inverter has 2 MPPT, with 1 string per MPPT.

This solar inverter is able to provide more independence through increased self-consumption of solar energy and has the ability to remotely monitor operation through the app.

It has a 10-year warranty and features an IP65 protection adapted to work outdoors in all weather conditions, it is waterproof.

Th 3.7 kW Single Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter. H1 Series. Fox Ess is characterized by the following:

Easy installation: It is easy to assemble and features a flexible, ready-to-install configuration that is easy to expand and scale up.

High voltage: Compatible with high voltage batteries to maximise overall efficiency.

IP65 rating: Durable IP65-rated housing for maximum flexibility for indoor and outdoor use.

Remote monitoring: This FOX hybrid solar inverter allows control of operation through remote monitoring via a website or mobile app.

Expandable number of batteries: Allows the possibility to expand the solar system by adding additional batteries. There are 6 battery sizes available and up to 7 batteries can be grouped in series, providing up to 33.6 kWh of storage capacity.

High efficiency: The FOX Hybrid Solar Inverter has a maximum efficiency of up to 98%.

Safety and security: Enables you to protect your hardware and software with enhanced security features.

In addition, this solar inverter includes an emergency power supply in the event of a power failure. This means that in the event of a power failure, the phases or loads connected to the emergency power supply continue to receive power from the connected PV system or storage system. With a switching time of 20 ms, the hybrid inverter continues to supply your home with power temporarily. Optimum yield is achieved thanks to the 2 MPPT trackers. 

The FOX ESS solar inverter can be connected to other products via intelligent interfaces: USB, CAN or RS485.

The inverter comes with WiFi functionality and an energy meter, this smart meter is included with the product.



Fox ESS Series H1 3.7

Max. Input Power [W] 4680
Max. Input Voltage [V] 600
Start-up Input Voltage [V] 75
Rated Input Voltage [V] 360
MPPT Opera�ng Voltage Range [V] 80-550
Max. Input Current [A] 13.5/13.5
Max. Short-circuit Current [A] 15/15
No. of Independent MPP Trackers 2
No. of Strings per MPP Tracker 1
Ba�ery Type Lithium Ba�ery (LFP
Ba�ery Voltage [V 85-450
Max. Charge/Discharge Current [A 40
Communica�on Interface CAN(Communicate With Inverter), RS485 (Upgrade BMS
Max. AC Input Power [VA] 7680
Max. AC Input Current (per phase) [A] 34.9
Rated Output Power [W] 3680
Max. Output Apparent Power [VA] 4048
Rated Output Current (per phase) [A] 16
Max. Output Current [A] 17.6
Rated Grid Voltage [V] 220/230/240
Rated Grid Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Power Factor 1 ( Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging )
THDi <3% @rated power
Max. Output Apparent Power [VA] 5000
Peak Output Apparent Power (60s) [VA]  6000
Max. Current (per phase) [A] 21.7
Rated Output Voltage [V] 220/230/240
Rated Output Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Power Factor 1 ( Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging 
THDv ( linear Load) <2% @rated power
Switch �me [ms <20
Demensions (WxHxD) [mm] 430*410*178
Weight [kg] 23

Data sheet

Power (kW)
3 - 5.9
Phase Type
Single phase
Max Current Input (A)
13 - 13.99

Specific References



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User manual

User manual

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