Inverter Fox ESS Series S3000-G2 Single Phase
  • Inverter Fox ESS Series S3000-G2 Single Phase

Inverter Fox ESS Series F F3000 2 MPPT Single Phase

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The F series are inverters with two MPPTs to which a string can be connected to each MPPT. This will allow greater optimization of production and configurations with different orientations.

This together with the wide range of installed power panels (DC - Direct Current), will allow to have the maximum output power (AC - Alternating Current) for a greater number of hours.

All FOX-ESS inverters come standard with the adapter for WIFI connection and thus have remote connection for production control.

The F series has an IP65 protection rating and is ready to work with FoxESS energy storage with the use of an appropriate charge controller.


Fox ESS Series T10-G3 three-phase hybrid inverters feature the following:

  • Easy installation: It is easy to assemble and features a flexible, ready-to-install configuration that is easy to expand and scale up.

    High voltage: Compatible with high voltage batteries to maximise overall efficiency.

    IP65 rating: Durable IP65-rated housing for maximum flexibility for indoor and outdoor use.

    Remote monitoring: This FOX hybrid solar inverter allows control of operation through remote monitoring via a website or mobile app.

    Safety and security: Enables you to protect your hardware and software with enhanced security features.

    In addition, this solar inverter includes an emergency power supply in the event of a power failure. This means that in the event of a power failure, the phases or loads connected to the emergency power supply continue to receive power from the connected PV system or storage system. With a switching time of 20 ms, the hybrid inverter continues to supply your home with power temporarily. Optimum yield is achieved thanks to the 2 MPPT trackers. 

The FOX ESS solar inverter can be connected to other products via intelligent interfaces: USB, CAN or RS485.

The inverter comes with WiFi functionality and an energy meter, this smart meter is included with the product.




Max. Recommended DC power [W]


Max. DC Voltage [V] 600
Nominal DC Opera�ng Voltage [V] 360
Max. Input Current (input A/input B) [A] 12.5/12.5
Max. Short Circuit Current (input A/input B) [A] 15/15
MPPT Voltage Range [Vdc] 80-550
MPPT Voltage Range (full load) [Vdc] 120
Start-up voltage [V] 1
No. of MPP Trackers 1
Strings per MPP Tracker 1
Nominal AC Power [W] 700
Max. Apparent AC Power [VA] 800
Rated Grid Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Nominal AC Current [A] 3000
Max. AC Current [A] 3300
Rated Grid Voltage [Vac] 220/230/240
Rated Grid Frequency [Hz] 50/60, ±5
Nominal AC Current [A] 13.0
Max. AC Current [A
Noise Emission (typical)[dB]
Noise [dB]
Opera�ng Temperature Range [°C]
Storage Temperature Range [°C]
Self Consump�on (night) [W]
Pollu�on Degree
Monitoring Module (op�onal)

Data sheet

Power (kW)
10 - 14.9
Phase Type
Max Current Input (A)
12 - 12.99
Compatibility list
Compatibility list
Dyness Tower T7 / T10 / T14 / T17 / T21

Specific References


Datasheet S700

FoxESS S700

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User manual

User manual

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