Inverter Fox ESS Series S3000-G2 Single Phase
  • Inverter Fox ESS Series S3000-G2 Single Phase

Inverter Fox ESS Series S3000-G2 Single Phase

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Fox ESS offers a range of single-phase, single-MPPT inverters with unparalleled performance. The Fox ESS S-Series starts at S700 and goes up to S3300.

small and compact ultra-low starting voltage, ensuring you get the most energy from your solar panels.

The S-Series features a slim design with the highest energy density and performance, ensuring you get the most energy possible from your photovoltaic modules.

This solar inverter is able to provide more independence through increased self-consumption of solar energy and has the ability to remotely monitor operation through the app.


Fox ESS Fox ESS Series S3000-G2 Single Phase inverters feature the following:

Safety and security: Enables you to protect your hardware and software with enhanced security features.

Remote monitoring: This FOX hybrid solar inverter allows control of operation through remote monitoring via a website or mobile app.

IP65 rating: Durable IP65-rated housing for maximum flexibility for indoor and outdoor use.

High voltage: Compatible with high voltage batteries to maximise overall efficiency.

Easy installation: It is easy to assemble and features a flexible, ready-to-install configuration that is easy to expand and scale up.

Fox offer a range of single MPPT singlephase inverters offering unparalleled efficiency and performance. Our range starts with the S700 - small and compact and with an ultra-low start-up voltage that will ensure you harvest the most energy possible from your solar panels.

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Max. Recommended DC power [W]


Max. DC Voltage [V] 500
Nominal DC Opera�ng Voltage [V] 60
Max. Input Current (input A/input B) [A] 360
Max. Short Circuit Current (input A/input B) [A] 50-480
MPPT Voltage Range [Vdc] 14
MPPT Voltage Range (full load) [Vdc] 18
Start-up voltage [V] 1
No. of MPP Trackers 1
Strings per MPP Tracker 1
Nominal AC Power [W] 700
Max. Apparent AC Power [VA] 800
Rated Grid Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Nominal AC Current [A] 8.7
Max. AC Current [A] 9.6
Displacement Power Factor 15.9
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm]  290*220*116
NET Weight [kg] 5.4
Cooling Concept Natural 
Topology Transformerless
Noise Emission (typical)[dB] <30
Topology Transformerless
Noise [dB] <30
Opera�ng Temperature Range [°C] -25…... +60
Storage Temperature Range [°C] -40…... +70
Al�tude[m] 3000
Humidity 0-100% (no condensa�on)
Self Consump�on (night) [W] <3
Pollu�on Degree IP65
Monitoring Module (op�onal) WIFI / 4G ( Op�onal )
Communica�on RS485, Meter / CT, ISO Alarm
Display LCD, Touch Key, App, Website

Data sheet

Power (kW)
0.5 - 0.9
Phase Type
Single phase
Max Current Input (A)
12 - 12.99
Compatibility list
Compatibility list
Dyness Tower T7 / T10 / T14 / T17 / T21

Specific References


Datasheet S700

FoxESS S700

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User manual

User manual

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