Solar inverter charger Axpert MKS 5.6K-48V
  • Solar inverter charger Axpert MKS 5.6K-48V

Solar inverter charger Axpert MKS IV 5.6K-48V

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Solar charger inverter for isolated installations from 5600W to 48V single-phase to connect solar batteries of the corresponding voltage

The Axpert MKS IV 5.6K features a single MPPT (maximum power tracking point) and provides 93% performance. The maximum solar controller input current for this product is 120A

This type of solar charger inverter, such as the Axpert VM 5000W at 48V, integrates the MPPT charge controller and can be configured series of solar panels of both 60 and 72 cells.

Axpert MKS IV 5600W-48V solar charger inverter offers 2-year product warranty and CE certificate


The solar inverter Axpert MKS IV 5600-48V stands out, in addition to its price, for the following characteristics:

  • - High efficiency pure sine wave isolated solar inverter
  • - Allows parallelizing up to 9 units
  • - MPPT charge controller integrated in the solar inverter
  • - Wide selection range of solar inverter input voltage (120-430V)
  • - Wide range of solar inverter input current selection for battery charging up to 120A
  • - Inverter that has integrated wifi
  • - This inverter can work with and without batteries
  • - Overvoltage and short-circuit protections integrated into the solar inverter
  • - Option to attach remote control of the charger inverter

The inverter-charger Axpert MKS IV 5600-48V is a very economical option with higher input current than the Axpert VM 5000W-48 and for demanding customers who want to have a quality, reliable and trouble-free product in the operation of their solar installation. For any additional questions contact us at



Nominal Power

5600 W


140 x 295 x 468



Battery voltage

48 VDC

Floating charge voltage

54 VDC

Overcharge protection

66 VDC


12 kg

Range MPPT voltage

120-430 V

Maximum array PV open circuit voltage

450 VDC

Maximum solar charge current

120 A

Maximum AC charge current

120 A


Data sheet

Power (kW)
3 - 5.9
Phase Type
Single phase
Max Current Input (A)
Compatibility list
Pylontech US2000C / US3000C / US5000
Compatibility list
Dyness BX51100
Compatibility list
Turbo Energy (Slim)
Compatibility list
Dyness Power Box
Compatibility list
Pylontech US5000 / Force L2
Compatibility list
Pylontech US3000C
Compatibility list
Pylontech Force L2

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