Wattmeter for Solax X1-Boost, X1-Hybrid and SAJ R5

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Chint DDSU666 Single Phase Wattmeter


The Chint single-phase wattmeter, model DDSU666, is a wattmeter that allows you to set up the calibrated zero feed-in ("vertido cero"). The device is calibrated to measure the energy that arrives or leaves the whole house. This wattmeter is used with the SolaX X1-Boost and X1-Hybrid inverters and the SAJ R5 inverters.


The Chint single-phase wattmeter, model DDSU666, is a device used to measure the energy at the main entrance to the home, with the aim of finding out the electricity consumption that the photovoltaic installation can supply. Thus, the wattmeter communicates with the Solax or SAJ inverter, which is connected to the grid, so that it can adapt appropriately to the output energy to consumption read at all times.

With the measurement of instantaneous electricity consumption and communication via RS485 interface, the inverter logic can limit the power output to the maximum of the real consumption of the home at that same moment.

It is an element that allows us, in the case that we want it, not to pour surplus of solar electric production to the network to which we are connected. It is also useful for measuring the need for electricity that we have, so that, added to the fact that the inverter knows the amount of power that we produce, we can have a comparison between the energy generated and the energy required.

The inverters compatible with this device are the Solax X1-hybrid and X1-Boost, and the SAJs in the R5 series. All of them need this device to be able to perform the zero discharge function.


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