Lithium Battery V TAC 5.12kWh VT48100E-P2
  • Lithium Battery V TAC 5.12kWh VT48100E-P2
  • Lithium Battery V TAC 5.12kWh VT48100E-P2 22

Lithium Battery V TAC 5.12kWh VT48100E-P2

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V TAC lithium battery with a capacity of 5,12 kWh with a working voltage of 48 V. This solar battery can be discharged up to 80% (DOD) and up to a total of 6000 cycles. It has a high discharge current to provide high-density power on a point-to-point basis (charge/discharge current of 100A).

The VT48100E-P2 batteries are modular and allow up to 15 modules to be connected in parallel. This lithium battery and its BMS are compatible with the vast majority of inverter brands like Deye, GoodWe, SMA, The Voltronic, Growatt, Victron, etc... with CAN communication.

It has a 10-year warranty and an EC certificate.

The main advantages of V TAC lithium batteries are:

  •          LiFePo cells which ensure the safety of the battery offering high performance and high energy density.
  •          Up to a maximum of 6000 cycles with discharge depths of up to 80% with virtually no degradation in energy storage. If the DOD is set to 50% the V TAC battery can work up to 9500 cycles.- Design of own BMS (Battery Management System) with international certification which also allows compatibility with the vast majority of manufacturers of solar inverters.
  •            Maximum continuous charging and discharging current of up to 100A at 25oC allowing high-power discharges without risk to battery longevity.
  •             Modular design that allows the connection of up to 15 modules of these batteries in parallel.
  •  Dimensions: 445 x 400 x 130 mm with a weight of 41 kg per 5,12 kWh module




Battery capacity

5120 Wh

Rated working voltage


Rated load/unload current


Number of cycles at 80% (DoD)








Data sheet

Battery Voltage (V)
Battery Energy (kWh)
5 - 6

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Datasheet V TAC 5,12 kWh

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List of compatible inveters VTAC 5.12

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