Battery ENPHASE IQ module 3.5 kWh
  • Battery ENPHASE IQ module 3.5 kWh

Battery ENPHASE IQ module 3.5 kWh

The single-phase AC (220-230V) phase coupling battery has a capacity of 3.5kWh and can be used in ON GRID, but does not support backup.

Up to three batteries per line are possible to scale.

A module and a lid ENPHASE Cover 3T are required for 3T, for 10T three modules are required in addition to the cover ENPHASE Covered 10T.

For wireless communication, you need QRelay and Zigbee. The IQ-Gateway is also necessary if used without the Enphase microinverters.

A certificate is required ENPHASE as a battery installer.

15 years warranty

Enphase's all-in-one IQTM Battery 3T storage system is reliable, smart, simple and secure. It includes four integrated microinverters with a capacity of 1,28 kW each and has a total energy capacity of 3,5 kilowatt hours. Installers can quickly design system dimensions for new or refurbished solar energy systems.

  • - Tested and highly reliable IQ series microinverters
  • - 10 years guaranteed
  • - Four integrated IQ8X-BAT microinverters
  • - Passive refrigeration, i.e. without moving parts or fans.
  • - Remote updating of software and firmware
  • - Monitoring through the mobile application
  • - Support for self-consumption


ENPHASE I.Q. Module 3.5 kWh

Rated power output (continuous)

Electrical equipment

Rated voltage / Range

230/184-253 V alternating current

Rated frequency / Range

 50/47-52 Hz

Rated output current 5,6 A

Power factor

0,85 inductive 0,85 capacitive

Cycle efficiency


Total and usable capacity

Manufacture from materials of any heading

Rated DC voltage

67,2 V

Maximum direct current voltage

75,6 V

Dimensions43 x 77,5 x 18,8 cmWeightotherGuarantee> 60% capacity, 15 years or 6000 cycles


Data sheet

Battery Voltage (V)
+ 48
Battery Energy (kWh)
3 - 4

Specific References


Datasheet Enphase IQ


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