Battery LG CHEM RESU 16H-Prime
  • Battery LG CHEM RESU 16H-Prime

Battery LG CHEM RESU 16H-Prime

The lithium battery LG The Resu 16H Prime is the first model of the new generation of LG.

Designed to be compatible with a greater number of self-consumption inverters SMA, SolarEdge, Sungrow, GoodWe and Solis with 9.6kWh useful, making the battery suitable for photovoltaic installations that require an accumulation of surplus production.

It supports the connection of another battery in parallel to increase autonomy and output power, which remains at 7kW. It has a 10-year warranty period.

The lithium battery LG Resu 16H Prime is the entry-level model in the new Prime family of LG Chem, with a useful capacity of 16 kWh. The 16H model has more capacity. For its working voltage of 350 to 450V, it is suitable for self-consumption systems with high-voltage storage.

This battery model has a 10-year warranty in which the manufacturer requires the battery to maintain 70% of its original capacity.

The lithium battery LG Resu 16H Prime has a maximum power of 7 kW and a maximum power of 11 kW. This allows us to harness the capabilities of a inverter in that power environment, because the battery can deliver at most those kilowatts when needed.

The scalability of the battery allows the connection of two units in the same system. Thanks to this, we can store up to 19 cubic kilowatts of useful energy and extract up to 10 cubic kilowatts of power. Check with the manufacturer inverter if you agree with this possibility.

Its facilities include:

  • - Divisible between the control unit and the two battery modules
  • - The smartest choice for first battery for daily use
  • - Monitoring of RESU: real time monitoring
  • - Easy to maintain
  • - Maximum 2 units in parallel

Technical data sheet


 LG ChEM RESU 16H-Prime

Usable Energy (DoD 100%)

16 kWh

Power (Rated/Peak)

7 / 11


350 - 450V


> 90%


504 x 1086 x 295mm



Type of installation

On the ground

Maximum in parallel

2 units

Operating temperature

-10 to 50 oC


10 years


CAN & RS485



RESU 16H - EH257064P8S8

Data sheet

Battery Voltage (V)
+ 48
Battery Energy (kWh)

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