SolarEdge Battery Home 10kWh
  • SolarEdge Battery Home 10kWh

SolarEdge Battery Home 10kWh

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The 10kWh lithium battery of SolarEdge Energy Bank at 48V improves system performance by adding more energy to store and use to connect to the grid and support energy applications. The battery of SolarEdge it's great for homes. The inverter can be connected to up to three power banks SolarEdge to increase power, savings and independence.

It can be connected to a growing line of smart accessories, such as smart hot water controllers and smart relays and switches.

The Energy Bank Battery SolarEdge it has a global system efficiency of 94.5% and connects directly to our innovative inverter single-phase with HD-Wave technology, ensures that power is available when needed.


Optimisation of system performance, storage and use of energy for grid connection and support of power applications. It is integrated with the full residential offer of SolarEdge, offering a single point of contact for guarantee, support, training, logistics and simplified operations.

DC battery that improves overall system performance. Scalable solution for multiple inverters that increases capacity and power.

A single application monitors and manages the production, consumption and backup of solar energy as well as the storage, charging of electric vehicles and smart devices. Wireless communication with the inverter reduces wiring, installation and labor failures.

Easy installation and connection, with automatic setup based on SetApp

  • -Maximized system performance: Stores more power for on-grid systems and backup applications
  • - It's integrated into the whole system SolarEdge
  • - DC-coupled battery offering greater overall system efficiency
  • - Solution for high power and multi-inverter capacity SolarEdge
  • - Wireless connection to the inverter
  • - Plug and play installation
  • - Includes multiple protections that ensure safety and durability over time


SolarEdge Battery Home 10kWh

Rated energy

5,4 kWh

Usable energy

4,8 kWh

Type of cell


Rated voltage OTHER

Voltage range

48 - 57,6 V






505 x 175 x 570 mm

Operating temperature

Charge: 0 to 50 °C / discharge: -10 to 50 °C

Degree of protection IP65


Data sheet

Power (kW)
10 - 14.9
Battery Voltage (V)

Specific References


Datasheet Energy Bank


Download (203.84KB)

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