Lithium battery Victron Super Pack 1280Wh 25.6V
  • Lithium battery Victron Super Pack 1280Wh 25.6V

Solar Lithium battery Victron Super Pack 1280Wh 25.6V

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Victron Super Pack solar lithium battery 25.6V and 50Ah.

Very easy to install with your Victron solar inverter. It has the BMS and safety switch included and does not need any extra accessories.

These solar batteries have been manufactured by one of the best manufacturers of photovoltaic products on the market. They have been tested for safety and reliability.

It is an efficient, durable and lightweight solar battery, ideal for marine applications, caravans, motorhomes or solar systems.


Super Pack solar Lithium Battery of 1280Wh. This battery offers the following features:

  • - Solar Lithium Battery of 12.8V
  • - Allows parallel connection between solar batteries
  • - DoD of 92%
  • - Internal switch disconnects the solar battery in case of overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature or under-temperature
  • - Solar Lithium battery with longer working life than traditional solar lead-acid batteries. Unlike traditional solar lead-acid batteries, solar lithium batteries do not need to be fully charged to work properly

Battery Capacity


Nominal Voltage


Max Charge/Discharge Current



220 x 330 x 172 mm


14 kg


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Victron SuperPack Datasheet

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