BMS SC1000-100S

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The BMS SC1000-100S is a battery management system that is compatible with the Pylontech H48050 and h48074 high-voltage batteries, and allows you to monitor the status of each of the modules and cells. 

It is necessary to have at least 2 H48050 or H48074 batteries next to the BMS to be able to mount a Powercube H1/H2 rack. Supports a maximum of 15 H48050 battery units or 12 H48074 battery units.


BMS SC1000-100S features:


- Protects against excessive discharges, overpower, overloads, low and high temperatures


- Automatically manages upload and unloading status 


- Balances the current and voltage of each cell


- Handles two types of power: external power and internal power


Specific References



BMS SC1000-100S Datasheet

Download (732.56KB)

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