BMS Parallel Box II for lithium batteries T58
  • BMS Parallel Box II for lithium batteries T58

BMS Parallel Box II for lithium batteries T58

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The battery controller of lithium batteries BMS Parallel Box is a high voltage batteries controller. This controller allows to connect in parallel up to 8 batteries Triple Power T58 and connect them to hybrid inverters Solax X1 or X3. Thanks to this controller, the capacity of the ESS may be increased, also increasing its working hours. With the T-Bat-Sys.HV module, you may increase the capacity of your installation. Increase even more the lifespan of the T58 batteries due to the alternate use of the dual module.


The lithium solar batteries Solax Triple Power T58 have the following advantages:

  • New model of 5.8 kWh
  • Ensures safer installations with greater temperature tolerance
  • Flexible storage solution, practical and of great performance
  • This battery offers maximum security, lifespan and power
  • Level of protection IP55
  • Mounting on either floor or wall, quick installation
  • With the Triple Power Parallel BMS, it is possible to establish  a system of up to 8 batteries T58

This solar battery is compatible with hybrid inverters Solax X1 and X3.



Data sheet

Battery Voltage (V)
+ 48
Battery Energy (kWh)
5 - 6

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