Submersible well pump SACI | SP 70-25 T
  • Submersible well pump SACI | SP 70-25 T

Submersible well pump SACI

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This submersible well pump is the SACI model SP 70-25 T, whose basic specifications are:

- Voltage: 3x230V

- Power: 10 HP

- Electrical power: 7500W

- Current: 18,4A

This submersible pump is designed for use in wells and provides an efficient flow of water. It is a high hydraulic performance pump, especially suitable for lifting, distribution and pressurisation in civil and industrial hydraulic installations. in civil and industrial hydraulic installations. Installation in pressure equipment, cisterns, irrigation and washing systems, etc. irrigation systems, washing systems, etc. ....


SACI pumps of the "SP" series are submersible pumps with impellers, diffusers, casing, suction casing, delivery casing, cable cover, suction grille and screws in stainless steel AISI-304. stainless steel AISI-304. They also include:

  • - Built-in stainless steel check valve.
  • - Special rubber guide bushes resistant to abrasion. rubber guide bushes.
  • - Statically and dynamically balanced turbines.
  • - Maximum sand content 50 gr/m3.
  • - Liquid temperature limit: +15º C to + 40º C.

The SACI submersible well pump SP 70-25 T is a specific pump model offering particular features and technical specifications. Some of the most common specifications of this pump are listed below:

  • - Power: 10 hp (horsepower), which is equivalent to approximately 7500 W (watts). This indicates the power of the pump to move water from the well.
  • - Voltage: 3x230V, which means it requires a three phase 230 volt power supply.
  • - Current: 18.4 A (amps), which represents the nominal current the pump draws during operation.
  • - Type: It is a submersible pump, which means that it is installed inside the well to draw water.
  • - Model: SP 70-25 T, which is the specific model of the SACI submersible well pump.


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