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Split cell monocrystalline 455W solar panel. A modern panel that has a module efficiency of 20.6% and split cell technology's benefits for managing partial shadowing and enhancing temperature dissipation. A manufacturer with more than 15 years of expertise, Risen is known throughout the world for its quality to price ratio.

RISEN solar panels belong to the group of brands classified as Tier 1, the world's best manufacturers in the solar sector.

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  • - Reduced thermal resistance: The split cell's ability to divide the current flowing through the panel into two separate streams allows for a reduction in thermal resistance losses. Simply by changing the panel's arrangement, we can gain up to 10 watts in comparison to a standard module.
  • - Reduced panel temperature: Since the split cells dissipate heat more effectively than traditional cells do, there is less likelihood that a hot spot would develop in the future. Additionally, the Perc technology significantly lowers temperature losses through the use of reflection.
  • - Better shadow behavior: Because the panel is divided into two cadenas that are connected to one another in parallel, when there is a partial shadow, half of the panel continues to work, which significantly reduces losses.
  • - Technology MBB: The multi bus bar in its celdas has the advantage of reducing electrical resistance by accepting the distance between the conductors' electrical current transfer. The yield is between 5 and 10 w per solar panel, and the likelihood of having flaws like "microcracks" significantly decreases.

Product datasheet:



DC Current Characteristics

Peak Power (Wp)


Maximum power tolerance (%)


Module efficiency (%)


Dimensions (mm)


Weight (kg)


AC Current Characteristics

Peak exit power (Wp)


Maximum continued power exit (Wp)


Nominal Voltage (V)


Maximum continued current (A)


Nominal frequency (Hz)


3 cicles current (A)

5,8 rms

Mecanical Characteristics

Number of cells

Monocristalinas PERC 166x83

Front glass

Templado de alta transmisión con revestimiento antirreflejante


Aluminio color plata


IP-68 o 1500VDC con 3 diodos de bypass


Data sheet

Power (W)
450 - 495
Height (cm)
210 - 219.9
Width (cm)
100 - 109.9
Short Circuit Current Isc (A)
11 - 11.99

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