Solar panel Trina 500Wp mono PERC Black frame
  • dimensions solar panel Trina 500W mono perc
  • Solar panel Trina 500Wp mono PERC Black frame

Solar panel Trina 500Wp mono PERC Black frame

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It consists predominantly of hydrocarbons having carbon numbers predominantly in Trina Solar for use in the manufacture of products falling within headings 8521 to 8521

Manufacture from materials of any heading Trina Solar 500Wp high efficiency of 20.7%. With a positive power tolerance of 0/+5W, it is possible to achieve a maximum power of 500Wp. 15 years product warranty and 25 years linear type production.

Anti-PID design with split cells one third (150 in total) smaller than traditional split cell solar panels allow for high solar efficiency.

The solar panels Trina Solar trina is one of the three largest solar panel manufacturers in the world.

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The solar panels Trina Solar the 500W PERC mono offers many advantages and has advanced technology:

  • - 150 solar cells that offer more power than the solar panel. When solar cells are split in two, the current flowing through them is split, which reduces the internal losses of the photovoltaic panel.
  • - The smaller split cells (1/3 of the conventional ones) of the solar panel allow the solar panel and the connection box to work at a lower temperature which further prevents the formation of hot spots and reduces the risk of damage to the solar panel in general.
  • - Less degradation of the solar panel during the first year when it is more sensitive to power loss
  • - Greater effective area of solar cell which allows to capture more radiation and power thanks to the geometry of the 210mm silicon ingot.
  • - Multibus bar technology (connectors between cells) which facilitates the capture of photons and reduces the series resistance of the solar panel
  • - Solar panels designed for open circuit systems up to 1500 V.
  • - Reduction of microcracks of the solar panel thanks to the new Trina ingot cutting technology
  • - resistant to corrosive and aggressive atmospheres (saline, ammonia, sand and temperature and humidity)
  • - Solar panel with low coefficient of temperature (-0.36%/oC)
  • - Mechanical load of up to 6000Pa in static and 2400Pa in dynamic which favors the resistance of the solar panel

Trina solar VERTEX 500Wp solar panels are a very good option for both residential and commercial solar installations, whether grid-connected or isolated. It is a cheap panel with excellent features. For more information or volume discounts, consult directly at

The measurements shall be carried out in accordance with the specification of the manufacturer2; T cell 25ºC):


Vertex 500W

Peak Power (Wp)


Maximum Power Tolerance

0/ 5W

Voltage at maximum power Vmpp(V)


Current at maximum power Ampp(TO)


Open circuit voltage (Voc)

51,70 V

Short circuit current (Isc)


Module Efficiency (%)


# of cells

150 Monocrystalline

Module dimensions

Other, not further worked than hot-rolled


Manufacture from materials of any heading


Tempered glass 3,5 mm


Silver anodized aluminum


IP67 with 3 bypass diodes


Other, of circular cross-section2, 280 mm


MC-4 or equivalent


Data sheet

Power (W)
500 - 545
Height (cm)
210 - 219.9
Width (cm)
110 - 119.9
Short Circuit Current Isc (A)
12 - 12.99

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