Tigo Optimizer TS4-A-O
  • Tigo Optimizer TS4-A-O

Tigo Optimizer TS4-A-O

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Optimizer of compact measures and easy installation, high efficiency and safety.

The Tigo TS4-A-O is a solar panel optimizer that offers SMART technology to standard solar panels. With the Tigo optimizer you can improve the energy efficiency of your solar installation by improving the performance of your solar panels. Adding this optimizer to each of your dashboards will allow you to keep track of each dashboard when connecting to the cloud. 

The Tigo TS4-A-O uses UHD-Core technology and is compatible with solar panels up to 700W and 15A.


Design and functionality:

Thanks to the FLEX MLPE function you can optimize your solar modules using a TS4-A-O modular junction box base as an additional unit.

  • - You can optimize your installation at a modular level, obtaining more flexibility and available energy
  • - It allows to monitor your installation at a modular level thanks to Tigo's Energy Intelligence Software
  • - Allows you to quickly shut down, either manually or automatically, each module in compliance with NEC 2017 and 2020
  • - Simple installation and monitoring

Main technical features:

  • - Supports panels up to 700W power  
  • - Maximum input current of 15A
  • - It is the only optimizer that allows selective deployment
  • - Input voltage range between 16 to 80V
  • - Dimensions (WxLxH): 138.4x139.7x22.9 mm
  • - Weighs 0.52 kg
  • - Has some tolerance for partial shadows

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Tigo TS4-A-O Datasheet

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Tigo TS4-A-O Manual

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Tigo TS4-A-O Garantia

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