B-BOX HV  9,0 kWh
  • B-BOX HV  9,0 kWh

Lithium battery BYD B-BOX HV 9,0 kWh

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B-Box H lithium solar battery with a capacity of 9.0 kWh and a charging voltage between 280V and 395V at output. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO) technology ensures the safety of the solar battery and a long life cycle with very low capacity losses. BYD lithium batteries are compatible with hybrid inverters from SMA and Kostal among many other brands. They are easy to install, attractively designed and require no maintenance. This product ensures 10 years warranty with 90% depth of discharge (DoD) and charge/discharge cycle performance greater than 95%. The 9.0 B-Box H has 7 modules of 1.28 kWh each. Modular system that allows 9 lithium batteries to be easily connected in series to obtain up to 11.5 kWh of storage


Technical data:

Batery Capacity

7700 Wh

Rated output current


Rated voltage

240 to 338V

Numbe of cycles at 90%(DoD)



174 kg



Data sheet

Battery Voltage (V)
+ 48
Battery Energy (kWh)

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