Inverter SolarEdge Home Hub 6.0kW with BackUp
  • Inverter SolarEdge Home Hub 6.0kW with BackUp

Inverter SolarEdge Home Hub 6.0kW with BackUp

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Single phase solar inverter of the brand SolarEdge 6kWac supporting the BackUp function via SolarEdge The home interface is BI-EU1P. This inverter of the SEXXXXH series can support up to 200% of the rated AC power at power in the continuous part (12000Wdc) to maximise the AC output.

The BackUp system allows the solar installation to continue feeding the loads in case the grid stops working giving the nominal power of the inverter. The 6.0kW Home Hub inverter allows modular connection of several 400V solar batteries SolarEdge Home (up to 3 batteries).

This inverter has a single MPPT, arc detection system and offers a 12-year warranty with the possibility of extending it to 25 years


The inverter series SolarEdge Single-phase Home Hubs have the following advantages:

  • - Single phase inverter for the European 50 Hz network
  • - Weighted solar inverter efficiency of up to 99% during the daily operating cycle
  • - Capacity to connect up to 200% of the nominal inverter capacity in the direct current part (solar panels)
  • - It includes arc detection in the solar installation thus improving the safety and life of the entire system.
  • - Scalable solution with the ability to add up to a total of 3 400V batteries of the series SolarEdge I'm going home.
  • - You need the backup system through SolarEdge Home interface BI-EU1P to operate in off-grid or back-up mode when no network is available.
  • - Solar inverter which requires the use of optometers for proper installation and operation.
  • - Grade of protection IP65
  • -Small, lightweight inverter easy to install.

The most relevant electrical parameters of the inverter are shown below. For further information, see the attached data sheet:


Data sheet

Power (kW)
6 - 9.9
Phase Type
Single phase
Inverter Type

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