Solar Inverter SolaX Power X3-MIC-8.0-G2
  • Solar Inverter SolaX Power X3-MIC-8.0-G2

Solar Inverter SolaX Power X3-MIC-8.0-G2

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Grid-tied solar inverter SolaX Power of 8000W three-phase.

The inverter line of the SolaX Power brand of pure sine wave offers superior performance for many applications. It stands out from the rest in its clean sinusoidal interference output, which allows SolaX to ensure proper operation in sensitive equipment such as displays, measuring devices.

The robust electronics and the appropriate mechanical design make SolaX Power inverters the best choice in terms of reliability. Designed for a long life with protection against short circuits, overloads and high temperature, they will provide trouble free operation for many years. Warranty of 5 years of product and CE certificate.


The Solax X3 MIC series is composed of three-phase inverters between 4 and 15 kW. Thanks to its degree of reliability, safety and efficiency; They are a perfect complement to a residential installation or even for small and medium-sized businesses. These inverters are protected with the IP65 grade, thus protecting both their software and their hardware so that they can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and have passed the necessary certificates to be installed around the world. The main advantages of these investors are as follows:

  • Three-phase inverter, virtually maintenance-free
  • Possibility of remote monitoring
  • Protection against over-voltage, overload, over-temperature and more

In addition, this series has 2 MPPT inputs and can be monitored remotely thanks to the optional WIFI unit. These are high efficiency inverters, up to 98.5%, which makes the X3 MIC one of the best series of one of the best brands on the market. Therefore, in Tienda Solar we recommend the use of Solax X3-MIC for your photovoltaic installation. 

General inverter features:



Maximum input power (W)

8400 W

Nominal input voltage (V)

600 V

Starting voltage (V)


140 V

Maximum input voltage (V)

1000 V

Maximum input current (A)

11/11 A

Input short circuit current (A)


14/14 A

Output power (W)


7000 W

Nominal output voltage (V)


160-900 V

Output frequency (Hz)


50/60;+- 5 Hz

Operating temperature range (ºC)


-25~+60 °C

Nominal output current (A)

11,2 A




Package Weight (kg)


26 kg


Data sheet

Power (kW)
6 - 9.9
Phase Type
Max Current Input (A)
16 - 16.99

Specific References



Solax X3 MIC G2 Datasheet

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Solax Warranty

Download (202.65KB)


Solax X3 MIC Installation

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Solax X3 MIC Manual

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