Fronius Primo GEN24 5.0 PLUS Solar Inverter
Fronius Primo GEN24 5.0 PLUS Solar Inverter

Fronius Primo GEN24 5.0 PLUS Solar Inverter

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Fronius Primo 5000W single-phase grid-connected hybrid inverter with back-up function

The Fronius Primo Hybrid inverter line combines battery charger, battery inverter, hybrid inverter and monitoring in one device with an output power of 5.0kWac. Compatible with LG Chem or BYD batteries.

The robust electronics and mechanical design make Fronius Primo hybrid inverters the best choice in terms of reliability for grid-connected and battery-powered installations. Designed for long life with short-circuit, overload and high temperature protection the Fronius Primo Hybrids are a safe choice for any solar installation that wants to operate for many years. 7-year product warranty and CE-certified


The Fronius Solar Inverter of the Primo Hybrid series is a single-phase grid-tie inverter without transformer that allows the synchronization of the solar installation with the electrical grid as well as the charging and discharging of batteries connected to the inverter.

All models of the Fronius Primo Hybrids series incorporate 2 MPPT's (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and are IP66 rated. The solar inverter models incorporate communications for remote monitoring and management. The Primo Hybrid series solar inverters have a standard interface to the internet via a Wlan or Ethernet cable for easy integration.

Fronius Primo Hybrids solar inverters have a zero grid feed-in system that allows us to reduce the inverter power to prevent energy from being fed into the grid in the event that the solar installation produces more electricity than it is consuming.

The main advantages of the Primo series and also for its hybrid brothers of Fronius are:

  • - SnapInverter technology: The primo solar inverter is attached to the fixed wall bracket. In the event of service, it is not necessary to remove the entire inverter, but only the power stage to access the inside of the device. All wiring remains in place for quick and easy manipulation of the inverter wiring.
  • - Integrated Data Communication: The Primo inverter can be connected to the internet via WLAN, ethernet without the need for additional modules. It can be connected via Modbus TCP SunSpec, Modbus RTU SunSpec or Fronius Solar API (JSON).
  • - Smart Grid Ready: The Fronius solar inverter of the Primo series is ready to connect to smart grids so that they can remotely control the active and reactive energy injected into the grid.
  • - Dynamic Peak manager: new algorithm for tracking the highest power point for each MPPT. The Dynamic Peak Manager sweeps the I-V curve from time to time to find the best working point.
  • - Active Cooling: The Symo series has a ventilation system that cools the internal circuit of the inverter, improving its performance and the life of its electronics.

General inverter features:


Primo Gen24 5.0 Plus

Maximum input power (W)

7500 W









52,8x47,4x16,3 cm 



16,6 kg 

Product warranty

2 years

Power (kW)
3 - 5.9
Phase Type
Single phase
Max Current Input (A)
Compatibility list
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