Solar inverter charger Axpert VM IV 3600-24V

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Solar charger inverter for isolated installations from 3600W to 24V single phase to be able to connect a solar battery bank of the corresponding voltage (24V). The Axpert VM IV 3,6K has a single MPPT (maximum power monitoring point) and provides a performance of 93,0%. The maximum input current of solar regulator is 120A.

The Axpert VM IV3600W 24V integrates the MPPT load regulator and can be configured with up to 4,000 Wp. This model, unlike the Axpert 3K, does have the generator set start function for hybrid solar installations.

This inverter the Axpert VM IV 3,6kW (kVA) solar charger offers a 2-year product warranty and CE certification.


This model incorporates a 4.3" colour touch screen, Wifi, USB, incident storage, a system to maximise the useful life of the batteries and an anti-dust kit.

The Axpert VM IV 3600W-24V solar inverter, like the rest of the family, stands out not only for its price but also for the following characteristics:

  • - Highly efficient pure sine wave isolated inverter.
  • - Output power factor of 1, which means 3.6kW of real power.
  • - MPPT charge regulator integrated in the solar inverter
  • - Wide range of solar inverter input voltage selection (90-280V)
  • - Wide range of solar inverter input current selection for battery charging up to 120A
  • - AC/solar input configurable via the LCD display
  • - In this case the Axpert VM IV 3600-24V is self-starting for diesel generator or hybrid installation.
  • - Overvoltage and short-circuit protection integrated in the solar inverter
  • - Option for remote control of the inverter charger

The Axpert VM IV 3600W-24V inverter-charger is a very economical option for demanding customers who want to own a reliable quality product without problems in the operation of their installation.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

Technical data below

Características técnicas


Axpert VM IV 3600W-48V

Nominal Power


Input Voltage


Grid frequency


AC output voltage

230VAc +/- 5%

Maximum peak power (transient)


Peak efficiency


Wave form

Pure sine

Batteries voltage


Charging floating voltage


Overcharge protection


Maximum PV array power


MPPT voltage range

90VDC – 450VDC

Maximum string open voltage


Maximum solar charging current


Maximum AC charging current



Data sheet

Power (kW)
3 - 5.9
Phase Type
Single phase
Max Current Input (A)
12 - 12.99

Specific References


Ficha Tecnica Axpert VM IV

Datasheet Axpert VM IV

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Axpert VM IV 3.6k24V Manual

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Voltronic Warranty

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