Sununo Plus 5000W
  • Sununo Plus 5000W

Solar Inverter Sununo Plus 5000W 2MPPT

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Grid-tied solar inverter Sununo of 5000W monophase.

Inverter single phase Sununo of 5000W with 2 MPPT with efficiency of 97,9%. Suitable for residential network connection installations of nominal 600 V input. The Sununo Plus line stands out for its variety of configurations, wide MPPT voltage range and its light and compact structure. Designed for a long life with protection against short circuits, overloads and high temperatures, they will provide trouble-free operation in your solar installation for many years. Product for solar installations with excellent price and quality. Warranty of 5/10/15/20/25 years of product and CE certificate.


General inverter features:



Maximum input power (W)

6050 W

Nominal input voltage (V)

360 V

Starting voltage (V)


100 V

Maximum input voltage (V)

600 V

Maximum input current (A)

11/11 A

Input short circuit current (A)


11 A

Output power (W)


5500 W

Nominal output voltage (V)


90 - 550 V

Output frequency (Hz)


50/45-55 Hz

Operating temperature range (ºC)


-20 °C a +60 °C

Nominal output current (A)

21,7 A




Package Weight (kg)


14,8 kg


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