Pocket Wifi SAJ eSolar R5
Pocket Wifi SAJ eSolar R5

Pocket Wifi SAJ eSolar R5

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Compatible Wifi module for SAJ R5 inverters


Small WI-FI module compatible with SAJ solar inverters of the R5 series. This device will allow you to monitor the output of the solar panels and your solar inverter from any location via the inverter's mobile app. WI-FI module easy to connect to the inverter and the internet.


The main technical features of the WI-FI module for SAJ inverters:

  • - The module allows you to view real-time dynamic graphs of the data provided by the inverter (voltage, frequency, charge level of the solar batteries, electrical parameters of the solar panels input).
  • - Solar inverter nominal information
  • - Historical data and records of the production of the solar installation
  • - Remote configuration of solar inverter parameters
  • - Remote notification of solar inverter alarms.
  • - It is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

This WI-FI module is a very good accessory that will allow you to view the parameters of your inverter remotely in a very easy and economical way. For more information, please contact us at info@tienda-solar.es

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