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The innovative inverter brand SAJ is finding ways to reduce non-renewable energy consumption and costs by implementing technologies to improve efficiency. This will make the ways and conditions for obtaining electricity easier in the future.

New technologies and the latest work aim to make hybrid inverters affordable and their lifetime even longer. This is reflected in SAJ’s latest product lines: The H2 hybrid inverter and the R6 solar inverter which offer extreme flexibility in use and impressive longevity of investment.


SAJ’s H1 series is a hybrid inverter, which means it can charge a battery and convert direct current to alternating current. Their hybrid series offers power ratings ranging from 3 kW to 6 kW, which means they are suitable for small to medium-sized residential systems. In the event of a power outage, the inverters can still receive power from your solar and battery system because they are designed to operate in island mode.

For its 5 kW and 6 kW models, the inverter can charge lithium batteries with a voltage range of 42 V to 58.5 V and a maximum charging current of 100 A.


For example, the SAJ Hybrid H2 offers a better user experience and is easy to use. It is intended for home PV systems. The high performance of H2 reduces the user’s dependence on the grid and allows end users to maximise their self-consumption. It is a high performance series with 110% AC overload, 150% DC overload and fast battery support.

The H2 series is a new addition to SAJ’s expanding product line and can be used in a variety of scenarios. The backup mode supports UPS function with a switching time of less than 10 ms and has optional AFCI functions. The device supports 100% three-phase voltage unbalance of backup devices and can operate with a maximum current of 16 A, which facilitates power supply stabilisation.

In summary, the H2 inverter is an effective device that will help end users enjoy the benefits of an energy efficient environment.


The SAJ R6 is a new SAJ model for high performance grid-connected inverters. With an output power of 15 to 50 kW, it is intended for commercial PV systems. The 16 A DC input current, 98.8 % efficiency and AFCI function (optional) make it competitive in the market.

The R6 now has commercial monitoring, zero export and 24-hour load monitoring options. Users can control the inverter with the app and Bluetooth, and online monitoring is free of charge. Importantly, the R6 Rooftop employs a 16A string current, as well as 2-string connection terminals per MPPT.

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