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Wind turbine Black 600 12V 600W with Hybrid regulator



Wind turbine Black 600 12V 600W with hybrid regulator

Is characterized by excellent performance especially in low wind speed so far is not achieved by other similar sized wind systems. 

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  • The optimum output is 600W at 9.36m/s. Versions are available in 12V and 24V battery charging and a 48V version with a different driver for 230V power grids. Designed in Germany by Mr. Schwarz has been a bestseller since its release.

    Thanks to an innovative three-phase generator type 'direct drive' with neodymium permanent magnets, the turbine does not offer any resistance and begins to turn with less than 1m/s, producing usable energy from only 1.8 m/s. Its noise is minimal (less than the wind itself) and the vibrations can be eliminated with a careful installation.

    It comes with a special controller that allows direct connection up to 100 watt solar panels to supplement energy production. This hybrid system is very useful to supplement the battery power if there is little wind. The controller also stops the turbine in strong winds or when the batteries are fully charged.

    Datos técnicos:


    3 blades



    Rotor Diameter

    1.60 m


    Permanent, Direct Drive


    12V DC

    Performance at 9.36 m/s

    600 W

    Minimum load speed

    1.8 m/s

    Generator Weight

     20 Kg

    Package Measurements

     83 cm X 54 cm X 39cm


    2 years


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    Wind turbine Black 600 12V 600W with Hybrid regulator

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