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EnerSys 6 OPzS 420 PowerSafe - 6 2V batteries



EnerSys 6 OPzS 420 PowerSafe - 6 2V batteries

6 2V batteries 6 OPzS 420 (total 12V) of the well-known EnerSys brand. The highest quality and durability in stationary batteries for multiple applications, including its use in combination with renewable energies.

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  • EnerSys 6 OPzS 420 PowerSafe - 6 2V batteries

    The EnerSys® PowerSafe® OPzS battery range is designed for use in all power applications where the highest levels of reliability and safety are required.

    PowerSafe OPzS cells benefit from an optimized plate design that results in increased capacity compared to the requirements of the internationally recognized DIN standard. In addition, the flooded tubular plate technology offers excellent performance along with a long life under float voltage conditions for a truly flexible solution.

    The specification of PowerSafe OPzS cells make them ideal for a wide range of applications. Although their use is widespread in renewable energy installations, they have a very high test history in applications such as telecommunications, power generation and distribution, railway signals, airports and ports, IT, emergency lighting, automation and measurement systems, etc.


    Model Model Vessel weight Vessel dimensions
    Capacity Ah 120 Hours- C120 240 Hours- C240
    TVS-6 (6OPzS420) 470 640 669 34.7 Kg 145 x 206 x 505 mm

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    EnerSys 6 OPzS 420 PowerSafe - 6 2V batteries