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What are PV solar grid connection kits?

PV Solar grid connection kit is a kit that is capable of generating electricity in a home or business where already there is connection to the electricity network and will allow us, therefore, we could generate our own energy in a cleaner and cheaper way.

There are different types of solar kits, we find:

We invite you to consult us if you have any doubt to choose the kit that better suits your needs.

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  • Instantaneous self-consumption PV kits

    What are Instantaneous Self-consumption Solar PV Kits?

    An Solar KIT from tienda-solar of Instantaneous Self-consumption consists of a PV solar modules kit plus a solar inverter for grid connection, in some cases with supporting structure for solar panels and / or systems that prevent the feed into the grid of the surplus energy from installation.

    With these kits we can generate solar electricity for our home or business. Since not prevent the feed into the electricity network, they must be sized so that our energy consumption always exceeds the generation we get from the kit.

  • Self-consumptiom Solar PV kits with storage

    What are the Self-consumption Solar PV Kit with storage?

    Solar PV Kit PV Kit for Self-consumption with storage from Tienda-Solar consists of a solar modules kit plus energy storage (a battery pack), plus a hybrid inverter that allows the management of this energy, and in some cases also includes mounting structure for solar panels.

    The Self-consumption Solar PV Kits with storage are similar to instantaneous self-consumption kits, but include storage system using batteries or stationary elements.

  • Self-Consumption Solar PV kits for Net Metering

    What are Self-consumption Solar PV Kits for Net Metering ?

    Self-consumption Solar PV Kit for Net Metering from tienda-solar is a solar kit in conjunction with an inverter for grid connection, and in some cases supporting structure for solar modules.

    The Self-consumption Solar PV Kits for net metering corresponding to PV solar kits without prevention to feed energy into the grid, for when the net metering option was available.

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